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It's time to face your inner squirrel! Ozzy is ready to battle! But Blackie

has other plans! Will you unlock either squirrel to break the unbalance in their world!?

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Welcome to the all-new Digital Reverence website! The site is changing its focus to feature more of the art and games that C.A. is known is for. She's still writing books but wants this website to showcase all she does. So, now the games and are in the spotlight.

If you're still confused at what I do... I'm a graphic designer by trade and I write on the side. I love all things design. I started creating, designing, writing when I was 6 years old. Art has always been my passion. I took up writing seriously in 2010. I started with my first ever character, Zach. He is still around, and my universe has grown since then. i hope you like this new look.



The Latest Games from C.A. Michaels

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The Latest Books from C.A. Michaels

New Dawn Amazon cover 3point5.jpg
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The top three projects in my graphic design portfolio! These are my favorites. I added this section to the front page to show off my design skills. I was going to create a separate site, but i want everything I do under one place. That way it makes it easier not only for my customer, but for me too. Click on the link above to view more of my protfolio.


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About C.A. Michaels

C.A. Michaels is the author of the newest runaway hit, the Awakening Series. The series features Lieutenant Dawn Hudson of the Starling PD. There are 2 books out right now. Her series also include: the Renegade series, the Deep series, and the Jennifer Long series. Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some are available at all online retailers. More retailers will be coming soon. 

She lives in Macomb County, Michigan with her amazing, superman, husband of 18 years. But they met in the early 90s, just before she turned 21. Together they have a tuxedo cat, named Skunky Luke, who will be four years old this May 26th! They used to play music together but had to sell everything to pay the bills. Will they play music again? Only the universe knows the answer to that. If you want to check out their music, you can visit their website Sevennia Band!

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