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You've come to the right place! Indie Author C.A. Michaels writes edgy romance suspense, paranormal-supernatural, fantasy/scifi and more!

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Dawn Hudson, Starling PD Lieutenant of the Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit, is a single mom who needs just one lead to find her missing love. Jacob Anthony Malone, her husband, vanished without a trace, four years ago. This left her and her son, Austin, heartbroken, confused, and lost. To make matters worse, those close to them call Jacob a deserter, a traitor. Assigned to a new case, she discovers a foe so big, she only scratches the surface. She may have the lead, but it might cost her something more precious to her.

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Who Are We

Digital Reverence is the home of everything Author C.A. Michaels. She is also an artist and a musician. Check out her and her hubby's band here. Digital Reverence L.L.C. is fully registered in the state of Michigan. Owner, C.A. Michaels prides herself on creating awesome merchandise she believes that anybody will fall in with. Having over 12 years of experience at 3dart, art, graphic design, writing, and more.

When you join Digital Reverence, you join a special group of people. DR's fans and Author C.A. Michaels' fans are very special to her. You also get perks of the hottest, newest characters, games, and stories. Joining DR is free. We also have an amazing loyalty program that gets you 100 points when you join. This nets you a whopping $15.00 off any purchase in the shop! 

Why buy from Digital reverence L.L.C? Digital Reverence L.L.C. is a not only a micro business but it is also woman owned. C.A. Michaels runs the entire business herself. She prides herself on giving nothing but quality or your money back, guaranteed! C.A. truly appreciates all her customers and fans. She works hard to make sure your products are delivered on time and enjoyable! Just ask anyone who has received any merchandise from her. you can trust that she is fully legit and your hard earn dollars will go for quality products!

IRS Employer Identification Number: 88-2377371

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