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Newest Novel


The newest Dawn Hudson novel

He's come for revenge! Lives are in danger! Starling has never faced an evil quite like this and he's come for his girl, Beth Wiles! Will Dawn and Luke's relationship stay strong enough to get married?

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Welcome to my site! 

C.A. Michaels is my pseudonym I chose many years ago. I used to go under the name JJ Carter but changed back to C.A. Michaels. As a USA born writer, my previous ventures were many. Customer service to traveling the country over the road with my awesome husband. We also had a band together called Sevennia.


I started writing in 2010. First self-published the Pathfinders series in 2011, which is now called The Elysian Gods. I live in the Great Lakes state with my awesome husband Brian and Tuxedo cat, Skunky Luke just plugging away at living life! I'm a soda drinker, beer lover, rock n roller at heart.

I am also a graphic design designer with over twenty years' experience. If you are an author looking for a designer, look no further. Or if you are just looking for a good designer, we are your team. I have created a team of designers from many walks of life who have similar experience. If you're looking for eBook formatting, print book layout, cover design, bookmark design, the team at Digital Reverence Design center can do it for you!

Latest Releases

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Read Black Dawn now, the one that started it all!

Dawn Hudson, Starling PD Lieutenant of the Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit, is a single mom who needs just one lead to find her missing love. Jacob Anthony Malone, her husband, vanished without a trace, four years ago. This left her and her son, Austin, heartbroken, confused, and lost. To make matters worse, those close to them call Jacob a deserter, a traitor. Assigned to a new case, she discovers a foe so big, she only scratches the surface. She may have the lead, but it might cost her something more precious to her than her husband's reputation.

Readers can order BLACK DAWN hard cover and paperback at Amazon! Plus, you can order those two formats direct from me using the links provided on the book's page! The eBook will be exclusively enrolled into KDP Select for 90 days!






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About C.A. Michaels

C.A. Michaels is the author of the newest runaway hit, the Awakening Series. The series features Lieutenant Dawn Hudson of the Starling PD. There are 2 books out right now. Her series also include: the Renegade series, the Deep series, and the Jennifer Long series. Her books are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and some are available at all online retailers. More retailers will be coming soon. 

She lives in Macomb County, Michigan with her amazing, superman, husband of 18 years. But they met in the early 90s, just before she turned 21. Together they have a tuxedo cat, named Skunky Luke, who will be four years old this May 26th! They used to play music together but had to sell everything to pay the bills. Will they play music again? Only the universe knows the answer to that. If you want to check out their music, you can visit their website Sevennia Band!

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