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WELCOME TO DR's latest game for ages 7 and up!

The Nutty Squirrel Rules 2-5 players

Version 1 Official

What you get is a deck of 65 round cards with a box, 1 20-sided die, and a list of rules!


Each player randomly picks a lock squirrel card. The specialty squirrels, which are, Blackie, Cindy, Dawn, Luke, Rockie, Ozzy, and Manny are locked, set those aside. A player draws a card from the draw pile.


One player deals out 4 cards to each player playing. If you have a card in your hand that grants you nuts or acorns, play that card and write down how many nuts or acorns you have. If you are feeling generous, you can give those nuts or acorns to another player. If you draw the car card, pick a player. That player loses all their nuts and or acorns of your choice.

When you draw a card, write down the number of nuts it says you gain or lose. Then put the card in another card pile next to the draw card pile.


The object of the game is to get the most nuts/acorns more than anyone in one round. If you do, you win that round. To win a round, you need to get 30 nuts or acorns before anyone else. Each nut/acorn is worth one point. To win the game, you need to get to 60 nuts/acorns before anyone else. To keep track of the nuts, just use scratch paper.


When you draw a Squirrel card, it’s time to battle. Roll the D20 and whoever rolls the highest hits the other player for that many nuts or acorns. That player loses that many nuts/acorns and the other player gains that many nuts/acorns. This only occurs for one round each time this card is drawn. If you win the battle, you get the other player’s squirrel card. If you both roll the same number, nobody loses any nuts or acorns.


If you get the car card at the beginning of the game, you cannot use it until others get nuts or acorns.

The power and toughness on the squirrels: in version 1, this is for how many nuts/acorns you can replenish if you are negative. Only use this once. Once you use this ability, they become regular squirrels.


Steal 1 nut or acorn card: If no one has any nuts to steal, hold these in your hand. If you steal or gain any nuts, you only gain the amount posted on the card.

Roll D20 card: Roll the D20 that comes with the game to make things interesting. How this works is, anyone can force any player to roll the D20 when they draw this card only. If they get a 2-11 player loses that many nuts. If a 12-19 is rolled, gain that many nuts. If a 1 or 20 is rolled, nothing happens. You can choose nuts or acorns or a combo of both.

If there is a tie, the player can use house rules to settle the game. Roll dice, rock, paper, scissors, or whatever else you can think of.

The changes of version 2 are that the squirrels do not have power/toughness on them. Plus, there are 8 more exciting different cards! The deck total of cards is 73 in version 2! Standard rules of original version will apply.




Coming soon, the Nutty Squirrel championships! Want to qualify? You can by recording down your wins. A championship page will be coming soon. To qualify your wins, video proof will be needed. Soon we will have official sanctioned championships at the Digital Reverence headquarters in Sterling Heights, MI! 

If this takes off like other games, we will have to move them. But for now, you can play at your own home and just video your wins. It doesn't have to be the entire game. Just video your score card.


Ten wins in a row or more and you can submit your name to have your own power squirrel! You can even tell us what color squirrel you want to have and what its abilities and power/toughness are! Please submit video proof of your recorded wins after you have played the game. Submit button coming soon!

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