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Welcome to the Mystic Legends the Card game! Everything you need to have hours of fun is right here! You can purchase decks, packs, and single cards just to collect. NOTE: this comes from an individual business, not a manufacture. Everything is handmade, printed, and cut by CA Michaels herself. These cards will be printed on premium heavy card stock through an inkjet printer, then cut and trimmed, placed into card protectors and a deck protector box just for you. Or we now have partnered with boardgamemakersdotcom to print the cards. But the mats, we will be printing. 

33 Pyroclastic Cloud card 300dpi.jpg
39 Seth card 300dpi.jpg
43 Zentara Realm card 300dpi.jpg

Mystic Legends TCG is all about gathering friends. Play together for hours of fun!

The Mystic Legends TCG is all about head-to-head action. Pitting the characters of the ROLTH Universe against each other to see who can stand up to become the almighty ruler. This title currently belongs to Seth. And so far, his 40-card deck is standing up to the test.

So far, Zach, Karri, Selina, Reese and Sam, and Jen cannot withstand the Lord Ruler himself. However, they have beaten him a few times. Will you be able to build a deck to take Seth off his throne?

You can buy preconstructed decks that are printed and cut out by CA Michaels herself. Each deck will come with 40-cards, all in cased in a deck box and a character game mat at 13X19! All for $35.00! Now through December 7, 2023, you can take an extra 20% all things Mystic Legends. If your total is 40.00 or more whenever you buy ML Products, use coupon code: LEGENDARYCOUPON20

21 Karma card.jpg
15 Elder Dragon card 300dpi.jpg
32 Neptanian Realm card 300dpi.jpg
16 Flare Bomb card 300dpi.jpg
41 Zach card 300dpi.jpg
25 Lightning card 300dpi.jpg
19 High Above card 300dpi.jpg

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Mystic Legends CORE SET 1 $3.99 per pack

Purchase a booster pack of the Mystic Legends CORE Set today and get a guaranteed rare and ultra-rare card! These packs contain 10 cards each. Buy now through the safe and secure checkout of PayPal! 

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Mystic Legends CORE SET 1 $35.00 per deck

Purchase a preconstructed deck of the Mystic Legends CORE Set today and get a guaranteed rare and ultra-card! These decks contain 40 cards each. Plus, you get an Official game mat with the character deck you choose. Scroll down to see available games mats right now. Buy now through the safe and secure checkout! 

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List of main characters to choose build decks around.
Seth, Lord Ruler (Cyntralus), Zachary Michalik (Cyntralus-Earth), Karri the Warrior Goddess (Neptanian), Jennifer Long (Earth), Dawn Hudson (Earth), Charlotte Rinning (Earth), Max Hamilton (Mannheim), Samantha Peterson (Zentara-Earth), Sarah Maraj (Mannheim), Deaden Lane (Mannheim), Selina, the Red Witch (Neptanian), Zypher (Cyntralus, Black Oren).


Mystic Legends CORE SET 1 Box set contains 234 cards for 54.80 for shrink wrapped set. With box $67.00

Purchase a box of the Mystic Legends CORE Set today and get many guaranteed rare and ultra-rare cards! Plus, a platinum ultra-ultra-rare card. Mystic Legends TCG Universe is 396 cards. Plenty of cards to pick a character to build around today! Buy now through the safe and secure checkout of PayPal! 100.00

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These are the Official game mats that are available right now. They are printed on premium 19X13 Matte paper. As of right now we are trying to find suitable rubber backings for them at the size we are able to print them, which is 19X13 only.

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