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Dawn Hudson: Awakening Series Book 3


eBook drops September 7, 2023!

C.A. Michaels invites you to the third Dawn Hudson Awakening series novel. In this new exciting third novel, you'll get to explore more of Dawn's life. The life within her family and her work as she continues her life as a Lieutenant.


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Starling BCPSU Lieutenant Dawn Hudson and her fiancé, Luke Harrington are about to face something they’ve never faced before.
Lives are in danger! He’s come for revenge! Starling has never faced an evil quite like this and he’s come for his girl, Beth Wiles! Will Dawn and Luke’s relationship stay strong enough to get married?

The third book in the Awakening Series picks up where Red Dawn left off, with Dawn moving on from a horrid past moment in life but others see she has struggled with this, so has her fiancé, Luke. It’s been causing a major rift between them. As always, Dawn sticks her nose in work to hopefully push through it. However, with this new menace terrorizing not only the city but her family, will she be able to repair the damage? Or will this prove fatal for them all?



Chapter 1


May 2023


The city blew by in a blur. Another kidnapping. These were always the worst for cops, she thought. Having a fourteen-year-old herself, these always hit close to home for her. As they sped to the scene, Lieutenant Dawn Hudson, had a lot on her mind. Her partner, Detective Sen Choo, checked over to her as this ride was unusually quiet.

“You’re awfully quiet over there,” Choo said.

“Yeah. Got a lot on my mind.”


“Well, I am getting married.”

“You guys pick a date?


“Really, why not?”

“We’ve both been busy.”

“Having second thoughts?” he wondered aloud.

There were a few seconds before she answered. “No!”

“Ah. You hesitated a bit. Dawn, you deserve this. I know Luke treats you amazingly. What’s the problem?”

“Lots of problems. But it’s my own mind. Can we change the subject?”

She continued to listen to her new song she got hooked on. This is How Legends Are Made by Sam Tinnesz. Anything to take her mind off the upcoming problem of having to pick a date to get married.

“Sure. You think the girl will still be there?” Choo asked.

“Don’t know.”

“I hate cases like these.”


“I always think of my son and the one on the way.”

“On the way? What? Get out! Congrats!”

“Yeah. I wanted to keep it a secret but well, you know me and secrets.”

“Yeah, about as bad as asking water to not be wet.”


Dawn laughed and glanced over at him. He stared back like what. She loved her time with him, and they were sometimes like an old odd married couple. But she wouldn’t trade this.

“Does Maggie know you’re like, telling everyone?” she asked.


“Rut ro! Someone’s in trouble!” She laughed.

“Yeah, as long as you don’t tell her!” he growled.

“Oh, man but she’s like number eight on my speed dial!” She laughed again.

“What? Number eight?” he said.

“Yeah. We talk, you know.” She laughed once more.

“Dare I ask where I am on that list?”

“Well, you know… Austin’s number one, Luke, Trudy, my dad, Alana, Bonnie, Jackie, Maggie, then you.”

He loved how she just came out and told the truth of things. Choo counted on his fingers how many that was before him.

“Wait a minute! That makes like eight before me!” he huffed. “Don’t bullshit me!”

“Oh, sorry! My bad!” She chuckled. “I have a separate list for you guys. But you are number one before Rohan. So, don’t go telling him!

He smiled wide. He was before the sergeant of the team. That made him feel so much better. Even though he came much later than Rohan, he was still number one. Choo joined the team in March of 2017. A young rookie just before Dawn became Lieutenant.

“You know me!” Choo said.

“That’s what I’m afraid of!” She said, laughing.

He snickered. They arrived at the scene. When they climbed out of the vehicle, Dawn was first to check in with Officer Brown who was guarding the police tape line. Amongst the many reporters, Dawn just walked by them. Even though they shouted questions at her, she wasn’t at liberty to tell them anything.

“Hey, Hudson, aren’t you getting married soon?” one reporter asked.

Her eyes widened.

“And to just think, you just buried your husband last November!”

Dawn sighed and shook her head. She stepped left as if she were about to burst through the tape line.

“That’s none of your business! We have a missing fourteen-year-old girl here!” Dawn said.

“I also heard you were reunited with Beth Wiles. The case from 2010. Your first case. Can you tell us how that went?” another asked.

“Seriously? My personal life is not on display here. If you ask anymore evasive questions like this, I will have you removed and banned from any other crime scene I am a part of, got it!?”

“You can’t do that.”

“I can and will!”

She turned to Tracy. Tracy frowned and shook her head.

“I’m so sorry, Huds.”

“Yeah. Not your fault. So, what have we got?”

“Not much I’m afraid.”

“Is the girl here?”


“Of course! Damn it. Nothing can ever be easy.”


“Choo.” Tracy smiled.

“Hey. Yeah. Of course, it has to be the hardest. Cause it’s Huds and I.” He laughed.

They entered the home. Dawn’s eyes widened once again when she saw a familiar man standing next to Sergeant Rohan.

“This can’t be happening,” she whispered.

“What can’t be happening?” Choo asked.

“What, you got supersonic ears or something?”

He chuckled. “I do.”

Dawn pointed to the man dressed in a snazzy dark business suit. Choo’s eyes widened as well. Just as his mouth opened, Dawn put her hand up to his face to keep it closed.

She removed her hand and he glanced at her. “What was that for?”

“I knew what you were gonna say.”

“And pray tell, what was I gonna say?”

“Something along the lines of, holy shit?”

He nodded. “Good call.”

“Senator. I’m Lieutenant Dawn Hudson, this is my partner, Detective Sen Choo.”

“I know who you are LT. But this guy, I’ve heard so much about and just now get to meet,” the Senator said. He held out his hand toward Choo. “Senator Dan Bogdan.”

“Sen Choo, nice to meet you.”

“Nice to finally meet you.”

“Um, okay.”

“I’m a big fan. I’ve been watching your career. And you are quite the detective.”

Dawn rolled her eyes. Seriously? His daughter is missing and he’s being a fan boy. She had no idea Choo had such a fan club. She chuckled.

Rohan stared over to them both with an incredulous glance. Choo jerked a shoulder as if he had no idea. Which he didn’t.

“You’re going to be the lead on my daughter’s case?” Dan asked Choo.

“Um, no. The LT is always the lead. I just work here.”

“Actually, kidnapping isn’t our forte,” Dawn started. “We’re here to investigate the burglary.”

“So, who is going to find my daughter then!?” Dan asked.

The door opened and in walked FBI Special Agent Aaron Gibson. “I will.”

Dawn sighed. Jesus Christ. Seriously? Every crime scene? Damn this guy. If she had bubble quotes above her head, she’d be fired.

“Huds,” Aaron said.


“What have you got so far?”

“I just got here.”

Rohan stepped up and intervened. “What we have so far are footprints on the floor. And they are not from anyone in the family.”

He showed them all the photos he took with the camera he brought. They inspected the footprints and Dawn knew right away they were a male’s print.

“Male. Possibly six feet in height. Those look to be like size twelve footprints,” she said.

“My thoughts exactly.”

“Anything from the neighbors?” she asked.

“Mrs. Lee said she saw a black Crown Vic pull up in the driveway about an hour ago,” Rohan said.

“How long has the girl been missing?” Aaron asked.

“The 9-1-1 operator was on the phone with her at seven thirty. So, about an hour or so,” Rohan said.

“Do we have that recording yet?” Aaron asked.

“Not yet. But I know the operator’s name and she gave us a call back number. She wants us to call when Huds got here.”

“Seriously? That’s a bit strange, no?” Aaron checked.

“I guess.” Rohan handed Dawn the piece of paper he wrote the number on.

“Tammy Wilson. Yeah. I know her. We’ve worked together on a lot of calls.”

Aaron turned to Rohan. “So, about the Crown Vic. Did she see anyone get out?”

“Yeah. A dark-haired male. Brute looking. It’s May and it was kind of warm last night. So, she was able to see the man as the Senator’s house was light up with all the motion lights,” Rohan said.

“And I thought you guys said you had nothing.” Choo chuckled.

“Well, hey, you need to ask the right questions.” Rohan laughed.


“Did she give you a description, Rohan?”

“She said the dude’s face was covered. But she saw his legs.”

“Saw his legs?”

“Yeah. They were bulky. Like he worked out way too much,” Rohan said.

“I see. No sketch then?”



“Tammy is sending over the recording,” Dawn said.


“Well, Shelly was brave. She knew exactly what to do. She hid under her bed in her room. And she stayed quiet the entire time. But the man eventually found her,” Dawn said.

“Okay. Senator, mind if I look in Shelly’s room?” Aaron asked.

“Not at all. Anything to find my daughter!” Dan said.

Dan led the way and Dawn turned to Choo and Rohan. Something about this stunk to high heaven. And now she wondered if Luke got wind of this. After all, he used to work for Dan.

“What is it?” Choo asked her.


“It’s something. You’re doing that thing with your face,” he said.

“What? I don’t do anything with my face.”

“Yes, you do. It’s when you put your tongue to your check, and it looks like you’re sucking on a large jawbreaker.” Choo chuckled.

Rohan nodded.

“I absolutely do not do that!” she stated.

“Yes, you do. It’s been more prominent lately since the, you know,” Choo said.

“Since the I know what?” she asked.

“You know. The touchy subject you haven’t spoken about since it happened.”

“Don’t go there!” she ordered.

“Exactly. That’s what we all know to call the, you know thingy.”

Rohan nodded again.

“Where are Taylor and Reinhardt?” she asked.

“Investigating the rest of the house,” Rohan replied.

“Huds, you got something. I know it!” Choo said.

“Nothing. It’s just… Luke used to work for Dan,” she finally said.

“Oh snap! So, that means, one of us is gonna have to interview him,” Choo mentioned.


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Fatal Dawn Til Death Do Us Part ebook cover darker cover1a.jpg

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