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Dawn Hudson

Dawn is Lieutenant of the Starling PD Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unti. She loves being a cop. But also knows family first, then job. Her thirteen-year journey has been a wild ride but she wouldn't trade that for anything!

Born to a mother who was a legend in the Starling PD and a father who is a retired DEA Agent, Dawn went into Law Enforcement as soon as she was old enough due to her mother being gun downed on the job when she was sixteen years old in Spring of 2008. The investigation into her mother’s death was never solved. 

She went to Criminal Justice school after graduating high school. She was thankful her three older sisters helped her throughout those hard years. She had Austin when she was just 17 years old after dating her first ever love, Jacob Malone. She needed the help because Jacob got a job where he had to travel the world to support the family he made. Her and Jacob married on May 10, 2009. Austin was born in June 2009. She joined the force in 2010 after doing odd jobs while in college to help support the family. She was eighteen at this time. And the youngest female ever to surpass every other officer at the academy.

Their love was strong but with him constantly gone, Dawn was having hard times raising a son on her own while going to school. Her father was also a big help and when she finally made the force, the entire family was so proud. Jacob was also. He got a job doing odd things for a company in 2018. This job was mysterious to Dawn. Jacob could not really talk about it to her. But he did write whenever he had to leave the country to do a job. He also sent home the entire paycheck he collected every week.

The company was called Crimson Reign. The company was labeled a tech company. But they did more than just tech. They dabbled in construction projects all over the world. This company was headed and founded by Richard McQuade. Richard made his first fortune investing in bitcoin in 2010. He created the company, but the company also has a dark secret.

And in 2018, the letters stopped coming. He stopped coming home on leave. She did everything in her power to try to find out why but there’s been nothing in four years. Her story starts in 2022 and takes place after Renegade Storm, which is Charlotte Rinning’s story. Char and Dawn are real good friends and hang out whenever they can.

In the photos throughout this page, you will notice Dawn has changed her hair. She had to change it in the second book, Red Dawn. Changing her hair has truly helped change her as well.

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