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Dawn Hudson, Starling PD Lieutenant of the Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit, is a single mom who needs just one lead to find her missing love. Jacob Anthony Malone, her husband, vanished without a trace, four years ago. This left her and her son, Austin, heartbroken, confused, and lost. To make matters worse, those close to them call Jacob a deserter, a traitor. Assigned to a new case, she discovers a foe so big, she only scratches the surface. She may have the lead, but it might cost her something more precious to her than her husband's reputation.

Red Dawn Cover.jpg


While on medical leave – Lieutenant Dawn Hudson is trying to move on from the most horrid attack she’d ever been involved in on the job. As she gets back into her writing, her fans are ecstatic, but it’s not helping to drive those wicked memories away. Tension is rising within her family and her new relationship she’s developed with, Luke Harrington, due to her dramatic change. When she gets a call from fellow officer, Mathew Rutkowski, it drives her back into the job she still loves but becomes conflicted. Her family and Luke are unsure if she should be returning so soon. But she has two goals: prove to everyone she still has what it takes and to get back to normal, whatever that may be for her now.

Fatal Dawn Til Death Do Us Part ebook cover darker cover1a.jpg


With not only her job on the line but her life as well, all Lieutenant Dawn Hudson wants to do is survive to walk down the aisle and marry the new man in her life. But as always, life hasn’t been easy for her. Will she solve the newest mystery that’s trying to stop her in time to finally be happy?


FATAL DAWN cover gallery from beginning to final piece!

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