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The storyline starts with the Elysian Gods; Rise of the Serns, Reckoning Day, The Demon’s Pact, Remwalkers, Renegade Series, Deep Series, and the Awakening series featuring a crossover.


The Elysian Gods

Rise of the Serns

Origins: Karri the Warrior Goddess; read the script at


Jennifer Long Series

The Demon’s Pact – out now

Reckoning Day – out now

Pursued – coming soon

The Haunted Past – coming soon

Retribution – coming soon

Hunter Becomes the Hunted – coming soon



The Fallout; out now


Renegade Love Series

Renegade Fury – out now

Renegade Justice – out now

Renegade Love – out now

Renegade Storm – 11-29-2022

Renegade Vengeance – coming soon


The Deep Series featuring Samantha Peterson

Deep Ties: Book 1 – out now

Deep Venture; Book 2 - out now

Deep Affairs; Book 3 – coming soon

Deep Black; Book 4 – coming soon

Deep Cuts: Featuring a Little Black Book; Book 5 – coming soon

Deep Destiny; Book 6 – coming soon


Awakening Series

Featuring Lieutenant Dawn Hudson

Black Dawn – out now

Red Dawn – April 17th, 2023, preorder now

Fatal Dawn – coming September 7, 2023


The Crimson Empire Crossover

The crossover features the Awakening Series by C.A. Michaels and The Shattered Hearts Series by T.H. Rose


Where it all Began – coming soon by T.H. Rose

Vanished: Without a Trace – coming soon by C.A. Michaels

Black Dawn – out now in Kindle Unlimited only til October

Red Dawn- out now by C.A. Michaels

Addicted to the Devil Part One – out now by T.H. Rose

Addicted to the Devil Part Two – August 28, 2023, by T.H. Rose

Fatal Dawn – out September 7, 2023, by C.A. Michaels



You can buy all of these books at

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