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The storyline starts with the Elysian Gods; Rise of the Serns, Reckoning Day, The Demon’s Pact, Remwalkers, Renegade Series, Deep Series, The Wayfarers, and finally Guardian’s Oath. There are also five Aura stories soon to be in the works!


The Elysian Gods

Rise of the Serns

Origins: Karri the Warrior Goddess; read the script at


Jennifer Long Series

The Demon’s Pact – out now

Reckoning Day – out now

Pursued – coming soon

The Haunted Past – coming soon

Retribution – coming soon

Hunter Becomes the Hunted – coming soon



The Fallout; out now

Renegade Love Series

Renegade Fury – out now

Renegade Justice – out now

Renegade Love – out now

Renegade Storm – 11-29-2022

Renegade Vengeance – coming soon


The Deep Series featuring Samantha Peterson

Deep Ties: Book 1 – out now

Deep Venture; Book 2 - out now

Deep Affairs; Book 3 – coming soon

Deep Black; Book 4 – coming soon

Deep Cuts: Featuring a Little Black Book; Book 5 – coming soon

Deep Destiny; Book 6 – coming soon


Awakening Series

Featuring Lieutenant Dawn Hudson

Black Dawn – out now

Red Dawn – April 17th, 2023, preorder now

Fatal Dawn – coming soon


The Wayfarers – coming soon

Guardian’s Oath – coming soon

You can buy all of these books at

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