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All requests to license Digital Reverence's intellectual property must be submitted directly to the individual, in this case, C.A. Michaels, relative to the specific property being requested. To see a list of properties for sale, check below.

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Here is a list of available properties by C.A. Michaels.

  • What does Digital Reverence mean?
    Reverence means deep respect. I have a deep respect for all things creative. And for any creatives in the world. I believe this name describes my work. I used to have the name Sevenia Studios. That name was supposed to be Sevennia. lol But I've rebranded myself and this new name just sounds beefy like my writing and art. However, I used the Sevennia name for my band I play in with my wonderful husband!
  • What inspired you to become a writer?
    I started writing space stories when I was six years old. I was always a reader of fantasy. I loved Dungeons and Dragons. But it wasn't until 2010 when I started writing seriously. In 2010 I created the Elysian Gods. Loosely based off Marvel's Thor. Marvel has been a huge influence on me. And lately, in 2021 I found Marie Force. She has become the major influencer on me.
  • What are your favorite things?
    There are many favorite things I love in this world. Number one is my wonderful husband! My cat is number two! I love writing and creating new characters and worlds. I love music, all kinds but rap. But I can handle Run DMC and stuff like that. My favorite drinks are: Dr. Pepper, Vitamin Water. But I'm picky on that. I only love two flavors, Dragonfruit and Mango! I also love Miller Lite beer. I'll post that I'm having a beer on my Facebook page here and there because hey, I keep it real. My favorite book series? The Fatal/First Family series by Marie Force, of course! Ask anybody I know. They will tell you I talk about this all the time LOL Favorite food? That's a tough one. I love a lot of foods, like Spaghetti, Hamburger, but no cheese... Just eww. Yes, I am known as the Un-American for that LOL Chicken nuggets and fries or tater round is another favorite. Any kind of chicken nugget hehe I love baby back ribs, pork tenderloin, etc. Vegetables? I can do tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms. Side dishes? Mashed potatoes, French style green beans only! Corn either regular or cream style. Baked beans. Favorite meat? Chicken! Favorite video game? NHL Hockey on the play station! Favorite board game? Monopoly! Favorite card game? Magic the Gathering.
  • Can I have your images printed by someone else?
    Yes but here are the stipulations of that! First, I sell my prints through my Zazzle store and collect a 30% royalty through my sales there. Plus I sell them here as well and can print up to 13X19. You are welcome to take my work to another printer, ONLY if I can collect the same 30% royalty for each print. Simply add 30% to the price of the print(s) (not including shipping) and make the payment here at my site. Please contact me first if you are interested using your print commercially and we discuss pricing. If I have to render an image special for your print that will require additional compensation. Feel free to write me if you have any questions, comments or concerns! I would also love to see a photo of the print once it is on display and I will be happy to share it with my fans through social media (with your permission).
  • Do you do commision work?
    Yes I do. My fee is resonable. If you want me to make any art, I charge $50.00 an hour. This includes coming up with the original art, render time, and print time if you need it. If you want your product framed, I would rather you do that yourself. Framing is particular to individuales tastes. This price is NON-NEGOTIBLE. I've been doing this for far too long at lower prices back in the day when I started. Why come to me? First, I have a bachelor's degree in graphic design-fine arts. My programs I use aren't cheap. Plus I'd love to be able to help support my wonderful husband and my furbaby instead of having my hubby be the main supporter. Just drop me an email describing your project. My response time is within the first twenty four hours of receiving your email.
  • How many staff members do you have at Digital Reverence?
    Just me. I run everything, the finances, licensing, and marketing. I make all the artwork, web site design, zazzle stores, and answer all emails.
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