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Remwalkers Ebook cover.jpg

After failing to deliver the last shard of the Remwalkers to the High Vicar of the Solaran Star System, young Sarah Maraj finds herself an outcast. She is sentenced to twenty years hard labor in the legendary, horrid Salt Flats. Total chaos ensues the universe as Ryder Blaze begins his rampage to destroy all those who oppose him. And young Sarah is left alone and scared.

Twenty years later after serving her sentence, Sarah is released. And upon learning of the total devastation cause by Ryder Blaze, she learns of a family secret. Unknowing who to trust with this secret, her good friend, Calon Rhonerson, may just be the only one left who loves her.

It is now up to Sarah to save the Star System. Facing heavy heat from not only her people but others across the system as well, she knows destroying Ryder Blaze may just cost her, her life. But it’s the risk she must take in order to try to right the so many wrongs.

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