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RENEGADE STORM! 11.29.2022!

Renegade Storm Amazon Cover Ebook update2.jpg

As the dust settles from nasty untold truths, Charlotte and Steven attempt to put the pieces of their strained love back together.

After learning that her dad, who is a paraplegic, is walking again due to a new “miracle” drug, Charlotte starts to research the makers of this product. She finds that there are many reviews linked to murder under an independent blog. She brings this to the Starling PD Brass. However, they quickly deny her from any further investigation due to lack of proof. But she never gives up and believes her dad may be in danger. Now it’s a race against time to prove this company is a serious threat as it continues its testing on humans with its new “miracle” drug. With danger hitting so close to home, she must prove the drug is harming people and try to stay alive long enough to salvage her marriage and save her dad.

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ORDER the Ebook 11.29.2022  Just 6.99


ORDER the Ebook 11.29.2022 Just 6.99

RENEGADE FURY! the Prequel, first story. OUT JUNE 30, 2022!

Renegade Fury 5X8 cover print neo blue mock.jpg

Her past has come back to haunt her

He’s a psycho killer recruiting for his militia

When her secret time in Ireland is revealed, Starling K9 Officer Charlotte Rutkowski,

learns a man from that past is hunting her. The man hunting her is the worlds’ most wanted man, Markus O’Neil. And when he finally finds her due to a video of her meet with the sexiest firefighter ever, goes viral, he begins making plans to lure her back. Char realizes Markus is kidnapping young men and killing them if they don’t comply with his wishes. She sets up a sting with the help of Starling’s FBI and infiltrates the man. Can she help the FBI finally put to an end to this notorious killer or will she become his next prisoner?

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ORDER the Ebook Now! Just .99

ORDER the Ebook Now! Just .99


Renegade Justice ebook cover Amazon.jpg

Wedding Bells are ringing in Starling, Michigan

He’s come for sweet revenge

It's a week before her wedding to Firefighter Steven Rinning; K9 Sergeant Charlotte Rutkowski, learns that the man who left her no choice but to kill him, has a brother. And now that he knows it was her who killed his brother, he also knows it was her who foiled the plans they both had for their militia. Now he wants justice for his brother. And he’s willing to do anything to get it. But Charlotte has other ideas. She will never let it get that far. but in this world, anything is possible. Can she stop another madman, or will he truly put an end to her, this time?

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ORDER the Ebook Now! Just 2.99

ORDER the Ebook Now! Just 2.99

Renegade Love ebook cover new update.jpg

Book Blurb

Can past family secrets stop a cold-blooded serial killer?

Starling Police Department K9 Sergeant Charlotte Rinning finds herself in the crosshairs of a wild case.

As the killer turns their sights on her, the stakes have never been higher. Her entire life starts to become public knowledge. But when her sealed medical history is revealed, a past secret comes out and almost destroys her entire world. Now forced on the sidelines, Char wants nothing more than to help the team before someone closer to her is next. Can she help the team, or will her secrets and past make things worse to where there’s no turning back?


To stop a psychopathic serial killer on the loose, a straight shooter, K9 Sergeant enlists the help of the FBI because the victims are not usual victims she’s used to.

Author's Note:

I decided to rewrite this story because I wasn't happy with the original. How Char was forced into karaoke stardom, then killing a guy to escape. That was so not like her. So, I took some time and started rethinking her character entirely. I've been reading a lot more books and that has helped my writing grow. I think you'll love this new version of Char. She's still married to Steven, there is still the same characters, and still the same plot of Charles Poleski, but I got rid of the karaoke thing and her killing a guy. So, this is the reason for the rewrite. To those who had bought the previous ebook that was free, thank you. And I think you'll still love the rewrite.

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ORDER the Ebook Now! Just 6.99

ORDER the Ebook Now! Just 6.99


All the current images of Steven and Charlotte. Some are digital wallpapers sized at large enough to fit your desktop!

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