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Sarah Maraj

Sarah was born to Christopher and Mary Maraj of Solaran. Solaran is a plane that lies on the sphere of the same name. It’s a blue sphere filled with four different regional planes. It lies in the center of the Universe, which consists of seven other planets and many other small star systems and galaxies. The Universe itself is known as the Solaran Star System.

She was raised to believe in the Creator, God of Solaran. For a time, she did look up to the creator Solaran but when she met the other races and beings on the sphere, she grew to believe differently. Her family’s religion was known as Remlason. They believe in not only the great creator/god Solaran but the Remwalkers as well.














Sarah’s father was an astronomer and he, along with many others studied the stars. There are hundreds of other galaxies in the Solaran Star System Universe but Sarah’s father, Christopher Maraj was the Dean of the Solaran Star Academy. Her mother was also a scientist and they believed heavily in the Remwalkers as did all of Solaran.

But for Sarah, she wanted something more than to just study the stars. She wanted to fly a star ship. She read heavily about the history of Solaran’ Star Commanders and always a day dreamer, she dreamed to fly a ship like the Legendary Captain Jed T Hawks. She admired how he always joked that he never gave his middle name. And that the T always stood for trustworthy.

She wanted to be just like him. Her parents however, always hoped she’d follow in their footsteps. But her older brother, Lukas did. Sure, she was interested in the stars, but she wanted out there in space to explore them.

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When she learned of the Remwalkers, she wanted to be a part of them. And to be a part of them, she’d have to study not only the stars but learn to fly the ships of Solaran too. And at just sixteen, she had great ambition, but it was her best friend at the time, Calon Rhonerson, who talked her more into learning the arts of defense and weaponry. She got more involved with that and him.

However, her parents didn’t like the idea of her consorting with the elves of Solaran. They believed the Elves were a menace that their God Solaran put here. Solaran was named after the Great God himself, Solaran Starwhether. And he was the creator of all.

But Sarah never believed in religion. Not even the religion of the Elves. Each race had their own version of religion, and this sometimes cause tensions throughout the plane of Solaran and the Universe itself.

Sarah began reading and learning more about the Remwalkers. That was one thing the Universe could relate on. Everyone, no matter what race or being you were, the entire Universe believed in the Remwalkers. When she was chosen by Devon Skar to find the last shard of the Remwalkers, her parents, friend, and all of her sphere congratulated her. This was a test of all tests. As Devon appointed her to find the magical shard, she passed almost everything up until the end.

After her failure to deliver the shard to the High Vicar, Rev Virska, not only did Solaran change but the entire universe changed once Ryder Blaze, the Universe’s Arch Enemy snatched the final shard from young Sarah’s grasp.

Before she was chosen, she learned the ways of the Remwalkers and all races to the universe. She became their ambassador so to speak. She had life by the horns at the young age of sixteen. The most famous of them all.

It was when they received word that Ryder Blaze found out about her, they had to keep her safe. They also needed to keep their magical shards safe as well. And knowing that one was still missing, the Remwalkers appointed Sarah to find it.

During this course that took her almost six months, she learned all she could about the universe that surrounded her. She studied how they measured time, weather, and the elements. The elements were easy. According to ancient times, the elements were guarded by Elementals who are magical beings.

But to calculate the time of day, she knew they went by Solarans’ two suns, and two moons. There were five parts of the day on the sphere of Solaran. Early-Rise, Mid-Rise, Mid-day, Afterglow, Even-Light. A year on Solaran lasted twenty-four months.

The technology she learned by being at the Star Academy helped shape her into the woman she became to find the shard. Such technology as communicators. Communicators allowed you to talk to anyone who had one. There were many different appointed channels as well.

These communicators were in the shape of stars and a fin for captain. They also had an oval back drop. The badges fit on the left side of the uniforms. Their size was small enough to fit in the palm of one’s hand.

To be accepted into the Solaran Academy, Sarah had to take many placement tests. She excelled in Math and creativity. It took a normal individual four grueling years to achieve the milestone to graduate.

When Sarah graduated, she graduated at the rank of Commander. There were four ranks. Cadet, Commander, Captain, Admiral. She was just two shy when she was appointed by Remwalker Devon.

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