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The realms of life is called; Rolth, Realms of Life Terra Hive. This was made by Father Shevan, the Father of all the Universe. But his vision grew from there. With the six realms on the brink of destruction, he created a vision that would save the universe.

The realms of life were given a choice. Be united as one or be destroyed by their pettiness. They all agreed to be united as one. This occurred in the Medieval times of Earth to give everyone perspective of when this happened.

Earth was the center of the six realms, along with Cyntralus, (Home of the Gods), Zentara, Dradon, Neptanian, and the Black Oren. Father Shevan implemented the Archways where only authorized users could cross. He also installed Midway Domes in the middle of the curved, glass, arches. However, thre are no arches connected to the Black Oren. the Black Oren is a place where Gods and all races could be banished to. He received this idea from a mortal who resides on the Earth realm. And has given credit to the middle-aged man who calls himself, Mark J Nichols.

Each realm also houses an Ambassador Tower at the edge of the main arch that connects with the realm. The towers all have their own Ambassadors that watch over the realms.

Rolth Tree of Life map old paper.jpg

The original map of Rolth before Solaran and Mannheim were discovered.

The original outer map of Rolth before Solaran and Mannheim were discovered.

Rolth Tree of Life map old paper Wallpap

The original map of Rolth before Solaran and Mannheim were discovered.

THE REALMS OF LIFE History continued


There are two other realms included in the ROLTH Universe now. The first other realm is Solaran, where Sarah Maraj and the Remwalkers are from. The Remwalkers can cross the entire universe. Father Shevan has recognized this realm and Solaran has acknowledged the Gods.


The other realm where the Wayfarers hail from is called Mannheim. Mannheim is also recognized by Father Shevan and they have agreed to terms to acknowledge the Gods and the rulers of the universe.

One other realm has been recently discovered by Father Shevan, it is called: Zadikar. So far, that is the last plane of life.


This gallery shows all the planes of Solaran. There are seven planes here on this blue sphere. It is situated between Zentara and Dradon. There will be an updated map of all Eight realms discovered so far soon!


This gallery shows the major plane, Shadowden on this realm. Mannhiem is located between Earth and the realm of Zentara. It has the planes of Atikon, Cendicon, Devinkare, Sevenson, and Zendara

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