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Looking for a single player Game? Look no further.  

Seth's Fate is a single player game where you roll dice to gain Father Shevan's forgiveness and to be allowed back home on the realm of Cyntralus! This game can be played by a single player or in multiplayer format. The multiplayer format is where you all play as Seth and see who gains Father Shevan's forgiveness first. 

Seth's Fate!

This game comes with 48 Seth game sheets printed on 3.5X5 card stock and designed by CA Michaels. Dice or pencils not included. In this game, you are Seth, the Lord Ruler. You've been banished to Sheran, a continent on the realm of Neptanian. You must gain 1000 points before the 5th round of play in order to gain Father Shevan's Forgiveness and to be allowed back home. This is a game of skill and chance! Fun for ages 13+!

To play: you will need a standard set of 7 Dice and a pencil. (D&D Dice)

Do you have what it takes to overcome your ego, your worst fear and to learn humility, wisdom, charisma, and other traits?

You will get a 48-page pad of sheets for just $5.00! Dice are NOT included.

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Shipping promptly 1 business day after product completion. Once you place your order, CA Michaels begins making the product for you! Buy with confidence and help out a small, woman owned, business today!

Seths Fate version 3.jpg

This image shows Seth battle worn, begging his father while on Sheran on the realm of Neptanian. He truly needs to get home before it's all over for him!

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