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Welcome to the Starling Fire series page. More will be coming soon. The first book is planned to be a novella. The release date it scheduled for a few weeks before Christmas 2023, I hope. This was going to be a screenplay for a TV show. I was going to have this along with Starling PD featuring Dawn Hudson. But I changed that. Jamie wants his own story now. Characters, what are you gonna do, right? hehe Anyway, I have since changed that, and it will now feature just the Starling PD and the name is the Blue Line. Jamie and his team will make a few appearances in there still though. But he needs his own book and series!

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Jamie McNeil

C.A. Michaels invites you to check out her newest story about firefighter Jamison McNeil. His first appearance was in Fatal Dawn, the Awakening series book 3.More info will be coming on him as it comes to me.

Book 1

Through the Flames trailer

Thirty-three-year-old Starling firefighter Jamison McNeil is in for the fight of his life. Someone comes calling claiming to be a relative of his daughter, Cassie. Jamie adopted Cassie five years ago when he rescued her from a house fire that took her parents. He went through the proper channels and waited to see if anyone would claim her before he adopted. But something seems suspicious. He begins to search for answers. After discovering the truth from the fire, he wonders if this mysterious relative may be connected to the fire that took Cassie’s parents.

Mira Chen is a small-town girl moving to Starling to get the big city feel. Her job brought her here and she’s looking to start a brand-new life. When a fire breaks out at her apartment, she knows her bad luck has followed her. But when Jamie and his team arrive to help, she believes her bad luck just got better. Sparks fly but the universe has its way of turning the tides and she can’t afford any more bad luck.

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