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Charlotte Rinning

Charlotte, a K9 Police officer of the Starling PD, is on a mission. Her desire if to one day lead her own unit the Starling PD. In her lust for this dream, she understands not to make enemies. But sometimes they do happen.

Her parents are Paul and Madelyn Rutkowski. She is of Cherokee decedent on her father's side. She has two brothers, Matt is the oldest and Chris is the middle child, with Char being the youngest. After she broke things off with Adam Malinski during her third year of High-School, she met Michael Shultz. They dated for a while, but it didn’t work out due to him being controlling. Then in her last year of High-School, she met Frank Hernandez. He pursued her heavily. But after Michael, she wasn't interested in men. She kept telling Frank no and even had to get a restraining order. She graduated High-School as a Valedictorian and was awarded two scholarships to Oakland University. 














Just after graduation, she met a man named Markus O'Neil in 2010 at 17. She spent one year with him. And he took her to Ireland with him against her will to recruit her for the militia that worked with a nasty mob. When she realized what he was all about, she escaped him and found a way home and was able to get her family's help in keeping him away from her. This was in the winter of 2010-11. Her family and friends had no idea about this guy. After getting counseling and help because Markus was such a bad man, they all learned he tried to brainwash her and get her to join the Ireland Militia that worked for a nasty mob. After getting her head straight and back in the game, she got a job at Abraham Security in the summer 2011, she gained a ton of experience as a receptionist there. She gained more experience by working odd jobs to help her reach her goal.

In 2012, she went to college after fighting through trying to get back to where she was before Markus. And in 2014, she graduated with honors once again from Oakland Community college in Oakland County, Michigan with emphasis on Law Enforcement.

After all that, she finally joined the SPD in the fall of 2015 at the age of 22, with encouragement of her older brother Matt, who was on the force as a Homicide Detective.









When she joined, she struggled at first being a woman and all. However, after two years of being on the force, she made Sergeant of the K9 Unit. And her partner, Neo a Golden Retriever who is a search rescue/drug finding dog, became her other best friend. She trained Neo to not only find humans, but find drugs and other things, such as weapons. It was a magical training experience. Just when all the other officers laughed at her and Neo, they proved them all wrong because Neo was a Golden Retriever, they didn’t believe he could be used for other things other than human rescue. But Char and Neo proved them all wrong.















She met Steven in March 2018 while just getting off work at her day job at her favorite sub shop. She worked at Abraham’s Security as a side hustle. She’d been there seven years when they met. This job was fun to her. And it helped her pay the bills being the day shift receptionist. The spark was instant. They were married in June 8, 2019. Also in 2019, Char lost her mentor and partner Lieutenant Trish Anna Sanders. Trish was gunned down in front of her, August 10, 2019. This took place shortly after Steven and Char were married and they had their honeymoon. Trish was Char's maid of Honor and her two close friends, Brooke and Marcie stood up in the wedding that was viral.   



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