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Jen was born October 23, 1980. Her father died just before she was born. And she never found out why.

At the age of 18, she met an older man, Eric Lenshoff. He promised her the world. This occurred in the summer of 1998. This lasted until 2001. They shared the same music interests, same movies, and same tastes in food. But Eric changed just six months after they dated. He became obsessed with her. He was 21 at the time.

Being in such an abusive relationship, Jen never really knew what he was doing to her was wrong. Jen finally made her daring escape in the fall of 2001. Realizing all Eric did, she took some sweet revenge by smashing his truck with a baseball bat so he couldn’t come after her. But when she finally faced her mother for the first time in two years, her mother welcomed her back with open arms. After spending six months in psychical and mental therapy, Jen rejoined the world.

Her bachelor’s degree of English and creative writing led her to become an Investigative Reporter for the small paper, The Shelby Times. She did this behind Eric’s back when she was allowed out of the house. She got hired at seventeen and first worked from home because of how strict Eric was with her. She ended up talking to the boss, Michael Turner, to allow her to do this. When she said yes, she smiled wide. She won him over by her stories that were relatable to the public. The Shelby Times ran out of her hometown of Shelby, MI. She then became one of the state’s best top investigative reporters.

She met Brian long in the summer of 2002. They were married July fourth, 2005. In 2010, they’ve been together just over nine years. Brian was one year older than her. Jen’s mother, Rene McKenzie, was murdered on October 23, 2010, at a birthday party she held for Jen. She was 30 years old and in her sixth year of marriage to Brian. Unable to deal with the fact her mother was gone, Jen began to drink herself slowly to death. Even though she had Brian, Goldie; her service dog, and some friends nearby, she sought solitude. This solitude created a dark path as she took a week vacation from everyone and everything, including Brian.

Brian continued to try and find where she’d gone to by contacting her friends Karen Logan and FBI Special Agent Zander Cole, he finally got a lead. They found her at a hotel up north in Port Huron. Jacob and Scott forced their way in the room when she never answered the door. When they found her half dead in the bathroom, Brian called 911. After a year of recovery, Jen swore to never drink again. She returned to Brian and Goldie. This began their new tight relationship.

Daniel and Dylan are Karen Logan’s boys. She is married to Alexander Markov, who is a Russian hockey player that plays hockey in the Detroit Cobras Hockey team in the Central League.

Zander Cole is an FBI agent with a son named Devon, younger sister named Zara, mother and father, Kurt and Christy. He has a Pitbull named Max. He is divorced from Eva.

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