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The Elysian Gods

The Elysian Gods rule the ROLTH Universe. They include Seth. the Lord Ruler, his half-brother Zach Michalik, and Karri the Warrior Goddess.

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The Elysian Gods were created by C.A. Michaels back in 2010. They started with Zach Michalik. Zach was the first character of this series that C.A. created. Then came Seth and Karri. The story has changed over the years. It started with Pathfinders and Mark J Nichols. But has truly changed since then. Rise of the Serns was her first book. It is still her baby to this day. 

They reside on the red-orange realm of Cyntralus, which is home to the Gods of the ROLTH Universe. Their story is told in the novel The Elysian Gods, Rise of the Serns.

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