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The Beginning

Luke is called to a new case in a new city after visiting his girlfriend

The Beginning

The beginning
My name is Luke Remington. I’m a bounty hunter, looking for redemption. Not just for my job, but for my dignity. My last job was such a disaster, I’m surprised I still have a job. And I never botch up jobs. Never. I take pride in my work. But when a bounty slips through your fingers and causes more chaos in their wake, you need to take a step back and refocus. That’s why I took a personal day and went to see my girl. She always helped me after such chaos in my life.

When she emerged from the bathroom still dripping with nothing wrapped around her, my mouth watered. My chin almost hit the floor. I had to tell her the truth. But if I told her the truth, would it ruin everything? The last four months have been absolutely amazing with her. I swallowed hard and picked my chin up, figuratively speaking. My blue eyes caught her stunning hazel eyes. Did I forget to tell you that I love hazel eyes and red-haired women? They’re like my kryptonite.
“Come here, baby!” I said.
She strutted across the room with that million-dollar smile of hers. She draped her leg over the pole of the bed frame. Those legs that went on for days melted me into puddy.
“Hey, mister, you’re past due on these books!” she spoke with a sultry voice.
That voice gave me shivers.
“These books?” I laughed. I pointed to a stack of books that sat on her nightstand next to the bed.
“Yes!” She giggled.
I checked them over. “C.A. Michaels, huh. Sultry in Detroit, Moon Over London, and Sexy in Paris. Wow. Um, I don’t read this type of smut.” I laughed.
“Smut? Just for that you get extra punishment!” she said, with a giggle.
“I love your giggle. Come here. Punish me!” I spoke.
“Yeah, baby?”
“Come get me!”
“Whoa, okay then.”
I rose from the bed and went to her. As I reached for her, she put her arms around me, and we walked back to the bed. We rolled around and she always loved being on the bottom. But I felt I could crush her with my build.
“I’m punishing you!” she whispered.
“Oh, this is nice punishment!”
But she surprised me. As I gently lay myself on top of her. She threw up her legs and crossed them at my lower back.
“Oof!” I said.
She rolled around and now I was on the bottom.
“Sarah, whoa, where did that come from?” I asked.
“I always wanted to do that. I was scared to. I took some classes. I hope you don’t mind I tried it on you?”
“Not at all, baby. That was awesome!”
I moved inside her, and we made love. Making love with Sarah was worth living for. I never had many woman due to my job. Getting close for me wasn’t an option. But when I met Sarah at a bar four months ago, we just clicked.
Both single. Both not looking. And we just found each other by bumping into one another at the bar trying to get an order in before the last call. I of course allowed her to order first.
“Luke?” she questioned.
“Yeah, baby?”
“I love you.”
My eyes widened. Oh shit. There it was. Those three little words I was allergic to. It was by choice. It wasn’t really cause of the job. Getting close for me was hard. I had so many walls up. But with Sarah, Sarah was unlike any other woman I had ever met.
“Did you hear what I said?”
“I did.”
“I love you.”
“I know.”
“I know? That’s it? Luke, it’s been four months. Don’t tell me those walls are still up?” she questioned.
“I’m sorry. They are.”
She caressed my chest right over my broken heart. Since the horrid day, I put walls up when it came to women. I told Sarah about my walls. But never told her why I had them up.
“What can I say or do to help take those walls down?” she asked.
“Just be here with me. It will take some time.”
“I don’t know who broke your heart or what happened, but Luke, no one deserves to be alone.”
I rubbed my bearded chin, and I pulled out of her and propped my elbow up on the pillow to stare into those eyes I loved.
“I think maybe I do.”
“No. You have me.”
“I do have you. And this is great. But, Sarah, I, I have to go!”
I checked the time on the clock that sat on the nightstand to my left. My eyes widened. Thank God it was a day off today. After grabbing my clothes and getting dressed, I turned to her and blew her a kiss. It was already after seven am and I had things to do. Plus, Gonzo was waiting for me whenever I arrived home.
When I left Sarah’s flat, I ran to my motorcycle. Thankful that it was a warm sunny spring day. As I left, I thought about the words Sarah said to me. Those words. Those three little words were like a knife to my heart.
While stopped at a light, I slammed my hands on the grips of the handlebars. She had to say those words to me. Those words again. I know it was not cool to repeat yourself but damn those words.
“Smooth, real smooth!” I stated.
Arriving home there he was waiting for me as he stood defiant, but he loved me. My boy, Gonzo, my Doberman. Gonzo was eight years old but a beast. My best friend. He jumped up and licked my face. I laughed and gently grabbed him by his neck, and he continued to lick my face.
“Sorry buddy. You hungry?”
We went to the kitchen. He barked at me. I checked his silver bowl and yup, it was empty. He was a big boy and loved his dry food.
“You’re such a ham.”
He barked again.
“So, buddy, we gonna go to the dog park today?”
He barked as I poured the food into the bowl after cleaning it. He ate and I went to the living room. My phone rang. It was Sarah. I couldn’t deal with that now. I hated ghosting her, but I couldn’t talk about those three damn words.
“I love you, Luke,” I repeated what she said to me.
Being a bounty hunter, I knew the risks. I sat down in my black leather Lazy Boy chair and Gonzo came up to me. He sat down to the right of the chair and my phone rang again. I saw him place his head on the rectangular glass end table and he whined at the phone going off. This dog truly loved Sarah.
“What?” I asked.
He whined again as he placed his chin on the table and looked at the phone.
“How do you it’s Sarah calling?” I asked.
The phone rang a few more times. I did have plans today. There was so much I wanted to do. After so many days of working hard and chasing bounties, I took today off for me and Gonzo. Being with Sarah was also added to my to do list.
I know what you’re thinking, I’m a dude and I have a to do list? Ha, yeah, shut it.
The phone stopped ringing and it buzzed. Yup. She left a voice mail. Gonzo whined at me again. So, I checked the voice mail.
“Luke, baby. I’m so sorry I scared you off by saying those words. I know it’s hard for you still. I know your job is dangerous. But damn. I hope you’re not going to throw away the four magical months we had. Please. Please call when you’re up to it. No pressure. I promise,” she said.
Damn. What a woman. Really? I checked over to Gonzo.
“Did you hear that, buddy? I need to get over this pain.” I pointed to my heart to show him.
He walked over to me and placed his head on my lap.
“Right here, you know it buddy. You were there.”
He whined as I closed my eyes and as always, the mind went to that horrid day. No matter what I tried to do, the mind just wouldn’t let go. It was two years ago we fell in love and were about to get married. In the blink of an eye, she decided she couldn’t. And right there during the ceremony, she left. Sarah doesn’t know this. Only the people there at the wedding do.
Since then, I’ve been trying to figure out what went wrong. Callie disappeared and no one heard from her. Two years. No one heard from her. How does one move on from that? I admit Sarah has helped. Friends have helped. But the pain is still there.
My phone rang again. I checked it. It was the boss calling.
“Hey, boss, what’s up?”
“We got a job for you.”
“Yeah. But it’s in Paris.”
“Paris, you’re going to send me to Paris, I mean after the last job.”
“You need redemption, Luke. I’m giving you one more chance to prove yourself. I know it’s been only a couple years and you’ve struggled but Luke, you need this. We need this. I’m sending you to Paris tomorrow.”
“Do I have a choice?”
“Either go to Paris or don’t bother to return.”
“Whoa. Um, okay then. I guess I’m going to Paris.”
A few breaths escaped his mouth and now he had to tell Sarah what was going on. He needed to tell her. Now more than ever, he needed to tell her everything.

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