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A crossover has begun…

Lieutenant Dawn Hudson is determined to find, Beth Wiles, but as her search continues hope only fades! With nowhere else to look, Dawn feels defeated until an unexpected trail forces her back to the centre of the case.

With Beth trapped within the brotherhoods ring she has given up on being saved, found or even looked for! Will Dawn, finally be able to right the wrongs that happened all those years ago, or will the brotherhood stand in her way?

There is only one way to find out…

Author C.A. Michaels

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Book links!!

Black Dawn, the first book in the An Awaking series written by Author C.A. Michaels

Red Dawn where the crossover officially begins Preorder link!

Addicted to the devil preorder link!

Addicted to the devil (

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August 28, 2023
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September 7, 2023
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November 28, 2023
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It started in 2010. My partner Sen Choo and I were on our way home from dinner in Starling, Michigan. It was about 9pm and he noticed an overturned car on 16- and 1/2-mile road. The road we were on. Nobody stopped? The road was desolate around this time of night but still, there were usually some cars that drove down here. Anyway, being Starling Pd's finest patrol officers, we checked it out. 

And there she was. Hidden in the wheel well, how she survived, I have no idea. But there was a twelve-year- old girl. Her name was Beth. I was young at the time, but she clung to me like nobody's business when we found her. 

I did all I could to keep her in the states. But when people found out she was actually from Derby, England, my hope of keeping her here vanished. I did all I could. Being a cop, having contacts. My older sister, Bonnie, being Assistant to the District Attorney. Her husband Paul, being a lawyer. Nothing worked. NOTHING! It crushed me. She was twelve. Her parents didn't survive the accident. I still got to see her before she left. I taught her how to catch, how to fly a kite, how to fly sheets. We had fun Until...

It was time for the people from the State Department to take her. I'll never forget that day. It burns in my mind. I totally checked the men out. They had proper ID's. They had the proper paperwork. I had my boss, check them. out. I even had Marie Paterson, the Chief of Police check them out. Everything. They were totally legit.

And then...

Nothing. I told Beth to keep in contact. I gave her my number. I gave her Choo's number. I have her my three older sister's numbers, and my dad's. Nothing. Nada. My heart has never been the same. When I was searching for Jacob, I often though about Beth and wondered if they were connected somehow. I never told anyone cause me being still on that subject was like almost hell. Many I knew would tell me to let it go. They'd say, it's obvious she has a good home, or she is too busy. Or that was years ago. I so hate that! So, I did let it go. Untill...

When I stumbled upon the biggest ring Starling ever had, I began to think more and more about Beth. Now being the Lieutenant of the Starling PD Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit, I believe I may finally have a lead on her. But as I continue to dig, my life begins to turn upside down.

As a cop and being part of a law enforcement family, my mind doesn't just shut off like everyone else's. You see, my mother was a cop. She was gunned down on the job. My dad, he's a retired DEA agent. My sister Bonnie, she's second oldest to Alana, she's an Assistant to the District Attorney. Her husband, Paul, is a high-priced lawyer.

Anyway, my constant digging into the Starling Black Triads, has brought hell, literal hell upon not only me, but my city. Do I think it's my fault? It may just be. But I will put an end to it. If it costs me my life, my soul, I will put an end to it and... I WILL FIND BETH in the process!




I don't remember much after meeting the man who told me he was there to help me. to get me off the streets of Derby, England. I do remember meeting the devil. Not figuratively speaking. But when the man, whose name is, Mitch, did get me off the streets, I met the most powerful man I ever known. His name is Jax. And damn did I fall for the devil. 



And now you're wondering how I got here. Well, it all started when I was twelve. I remember that part, because I have revenge in my heart. Is it revenge? Or is it pure, utter, hatred? I really don't know. But whatever it is, it's keeping me alive in this new hell hole that I've been suckered into.  Who do I blame? Can I blame anyone? They say you can't blame your parents, you can't blame anyone, that you just have to own your stupid mistakes. Well, this was the stupidest mistake I ever made. But in my defense, I was homeless. I was cold, scared, and tired of being fucking alone! So, yeah, I can blame some people for this.

Number one my list is Dawn Hudson. Number two, the person who collided with my parent's car when we visited the USA and killed my parents. Number three, Jax. This fucker, I just, I love/hate him. Number four, Mitch. The guy who came up to me while I was on the streets and he fed me the most bullshit of lines I ever fell for in my life! So, there is my list. That keeps me warm and fuzzy inside while I'm stuck as a slave, sex worker girl, whatever you want to call it. I'm not really sure what my job is because Jax has us do all different things. One day, one day I will escape. And when that happens, the world best watch out!

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