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Welcome to Digital Reverence Studios. Digital Reverence was created out of a concept by artist/author C.A. Michaels. We offer graphic design at affordable pricing. We also offer custom designed T-shirts, Zippo lighters, Skateboards, Office Products, Accessories, Phone Cases, Craft Supplies, Playing Cards, Puzzles, Baseballs, Poker Chips, etc. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. We collaborate with If you want a custom designed product, we can design one for you or you can put your own image on a product we offer through zazzle. You must make sure you own the copyright for the artwork or photos you wish to use.

Programs used: Adobe Creative Suite

Microsoft Office Suite

Daz3D Studio

E-on VUE

Bryce 3D

Turnaround time 24-120 hours, 1-5 days depending on size of project.

Why choose Digital Reverence Studios? Digital Reverence is independently owned by C.A. Michaels. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree and has been doing graphic design since 1999. Do not be scared of these prices. You will get quality work and a money back guarantee. C.A. has worked her way up to these prices. When she first started before getting her degree, she charged $15 an hour. Over the years, she tried varying prices and has decided her work has greatly improved and many of these services are competitive with others pricing on market today.

Graphic Design $40 an hr

Graphic Design

This includes all graphic design. Whether it's for print or digital.

Logo design, Ad layout, Advertising design, Branding, Identity. 

Print Design $40.00 an hr

Print design includes flyer design, page layout, which includes brochure design, menu design, poster design up to 19X13, envelope design, bookmark design and whatever other print needs you may want.

Website design

Prices range from $100 up to $500.

email us for a free quote today.

Book Cover Design $69 and up to $200

This includes ebook cover, any size. It also includes paperback version, any size, front, back, and spine.

3D Model character design $50 an hr

Need a model but can't afford the prices of photos from stock photo sites? Can't afford the license or need more than 250, 000 for print? Digital Reverence can design models for you using Daz3d. All of DR's characters are designed using Daz3d. If you need these for 3d printing, let us know in your contact form first. We will purchase the interactive license for you. Depending on model, it will be added to price.

Book Layout $45 an hr

This includes print layout, any size. Ebook design is a flat rate of $49.00.

Writing $45 an hr

This includes, screenplays, ghost writing, book blurb, and logline. 


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