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The Mystic Legends TCG is all about head-to-head action. Pitting the characters of the ROLTH Universe against each other to see who can stand up to become the almighty ruler. This title currently belongs to Seth. And so far, his 40-card deck is standing up to the test.

So far, Zach, Karri, Selina, Reese and Sam, and Jen cannot withstand the Lord Ruler himself. However, they have beaten him a few times. Will you be able to build a deck to take Seth off his throne?


You get a box of 234 cards for $125. This includes a box and shrinked wrapped cards.

You can buy preconstructed decks that are printed and cut out by CA Michaels herself. Each deck will come with 40-cards, all in cased in card protectors, a deck box, and a character game mat at 13X19! All for $40.00!



Mystic Legends Card Game 234 card box

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