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It’s 2021. There’s a virus. There’s supernatural lurking in the shadows. There’s paranormal making appearances not only in the USA, but around Earth. This new evil in the world is ripping apart the very fabric of its foundation. It’s up to the SPA (Supernatural-Paranormal-Agency) to solve where this all started.

To play, you will need a set of 7 standard role playing dice, a pad of lined paper, and a pencil.


You assume the role of SPA Investigator, Jennifer Long. She’s also a secret member of the new team called Aura, which is part of the ROLTH Universe. But Jen believes this new chaos is only centered on Earth, for now. Will her new investigation lead her to solve where all this started, or will she die trying?


Only Jen stands against the new chaos. But eventually she’ll need to turn to her teams.

INCLUDED: an 11 page book, PDF or printed, plus a set of 7 standard role playing dice dice all for $10.00. Let us know what color type of dice you'd like. If you do not need dice, the game book is only $5.00!

Starling Mysteries

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