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Luke uses his abilities of a different fighting style, knowledge of all weaponry to hunt those who would do others harm.

"Running away from others problems isn't who I am. I'm a bounty hunter and if you cause me problems, you will have to deal with my brand of Karma!"
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Luke Remington is a bounty hunter. He came out of Black Dawn featuring Dawn Hudson. She is a writer in addition to being a cop.

Luke Remington is a bounty hunter and is from Starling, Michigan. But he was originally born 

in Glendale, Arizona to Michael and Sue Jackson. They were located there in the witness protection program but the drug cartel they witnessed against found them when Luke was two and a half years old.

Adpoted by a couple who were both cops, he learned the ways of law enforcement. But upon seeing his first dead body at just thirteen due to him having to ride with his dad because his mom was at work, Luke wanted to go a different route. And being a bounty hunter, you didn't need all that fancy schooling, he always said. Both his parents, Patrick and Erin Keyes supported him. 

LOGLINE: After a bounty goes terribly wrong, a gunslinging, sarcastic bounty hunter seeks redemption but a past painful loss threatens to end his career and the new life he’s been trying to build with his current girlfriend.


BURB: After a disastrous bounty gone terribly wrong, Luke Remington can’t afford any more mistakes. The question on everyone’s mind at the workplace remains whether a recent, painful loss is truly hindering his ability. The boss gives him one more chance to write the wrongs by assigning him to a new case in Paris. When he has to team up with someone from his past, complications arise. Luke has to fight to stay focused not just for the case but for someone new he’s trying to move on with.

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