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C.A. Michaels invites you to the new Remmington series in this new exciting debut series novel. You'll get to explore more cities with Luke as he travels the world whevere his bounties take him.

After a disastrous bounty gone terribly wrong, Luke Remington can’t afford any more mistakes. The question on everyone’s mind at the workplace remains whether a recent, painful loss is truly hindering his ability. The boss gives him one more chance to write the wrongs by assigning him to a new case in Paris. When he has to team up with someone from his past, complications arise. Luke must fight to stay focused or it’s all over for him.



Chapter 1

He ran hard. His breath, heavy. Many questions went on in his mind. But he never gave up the chase. No. No way he could give up. He was hot on their tail. Luke Remington felt his body slowing down as he stopped for a few seconds forced to take a breather.

“No, no, no! Not now!” he stated.

He took a few more breaths and when he opened his eyes, he saw the Eiffel tower in his view. When he glanced all around, he saw the person who was his newest bounty. He smiled wide.

As he ran further, the person he was hired to hunt smiled.

“Oh no. You will not taunt me!”

Luke ran a few meters, and he was now just a couple meters from the person. Hiding in the bushes, he thought for a few minutes.

“I see you Remington. You’re wasting your time trying to hunt after me. Give it up and go home before you get seriously hurt!”

“Ha! That will never happen Dekker!” Luke laughed.

“Remington, you’ve been trying to catch me for five years now. Don’t you think you should just stop?”

“Never, not until you’re in cuffs!”

Dekker sighed. “All right then. Have it your way!”

Dekker pulled out a pistol and what looked to be a taser. Luke’s eyes widened. As he continued to crouch behind the bushes, A few bullets sailed over his head.

He ducked and the taser missed him, thankfully. After Dekker fired, Luke rose, and Dekker fired again. And the bounty hunter pulled his weapon, but he was thrown down to the grass before he could shoot.

The bullets stopped and when he came to, his eyes widened at seeing someone from his past lying on top of him.

“Chelsea? What the fuck are you doing here?” Luke asked.

“Saving your ass!”

“Saving my ass? You just let Dekker get away! Damn it, Chelsea!”

“Wow. I come to save you, and this is the thanks I get?”

“I had him in my sights. I was about to take him down. I had a plan! You need to go home before I truly blow up!” He turned to her and was right in her face. “Go home!”



“The fact is, I’ve been assigned to you!”

“Um what?”

Luke backed off from her and shook his head. If she’d been assigned to him, he truly would have had no time to mess around.

“Garrett hired me to keep an eye on you. If Dekker gets away, it’s your job. Did he tell you that? Call him to check it out!” she said.

“Okay, I will!”

He pulled out his flip phone. She laughed hard at him. He grinned and gave her a low growl. He pressed a button and the boss’ phone rang. Garrett answered on the third ring.

“This better be Remington calling me he caught William Dekker!?”

“Sir, I had him in my sights but you girl, Chelsea messed it up for me! I was so close! She came in and took me down with a tackle move like I’m a quarterback! Why did you send her? Of all people, why her!?”

“I decided her because a, she knows you and b, she’s good at what she does,” Garrett said.

“I don’t need no stinking babysitter boss!”

“After the last failed mission of yours, I say otherwise. Do it and you won’t lose your job, got me?”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got you, boss.”

“You need to work on that attitude also, Remington!”

The call ended.

Luke gave another glare to Chelsea. She smiled. He growled again. He left the area and headed back to his hotel after hailing a cab. She shared the ride with him.

“How did you get this gig?” he asked.

“Simple. Since you got me fired from my last job with your… shall we say antics, I went to Garrett and asked for this job.”

“Did he have an ad out on the internet or something?” He laughed at his own joke.

She shook her head and smiled while trying damn hard not to laugh. Chelsea knew that was a good joke.

“Ha! You think that’s funny!” He laughed.

“Whatever. Whether you like it or not, I am your babysitter.” She laughed.

“Oh, brother. Just what I needed. Because of you, Dekker got away. If you’re to watch me, stay out of my way!” he stated.

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