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Update on the happenings

First off, Print Books are still coming. I've been having a time trying to make Deep Ties into a 5X7 suitable for Amazon print lol. Spent 5 hours on the file last trying to get it to fit into the margins amazon gives in the print viewer. To no avail still, ugh. I will keep trying. But you can purchase Deep Ties at luludotcom in the regular pocketbook size format. I have Rise of the Serns and Remwalkers complete also will be uploading soon. I'm still giving Reckoning Day an overhaul and WOW what a story. Plus, I'm reworking Renegade Love. The Demon's Pact print book is done. But it follows Reckoning Day, that will be delayed.

Making Print Books has been a challenge for me. I'm used to plopping the manuscript into Indesign and having lulu do the rest. Amazon is a bit pickier on their dimensions for print books. Eventually, I might also offer hard covers. But I will warn you, I am only myself, I have to write the book, edit it, do the covers, and then drop the manuscript into Indesign and create the print book. Then I have to add the master header pages to 200-300 some pages. That takes time.

If anyone would like to help me in this venture, you will get a small percentage of my royalties if I sell anything. I've been trying to get a team together since 2010. I'm looking for trustworthy people who have design experience like Indesign and desktop publishing design. I'm very trustworthy as well. So, if you're looking for a side gig that gives you more experience, hit me up and just email me at

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