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Happy April

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Happy April all. I hope it's nice and toasty warm where you are. Here in the Mitten state, Southeastern, Michigan, we've had snow and rain since the morning and a balmy 39 degrees lol. I'm rolling right along with Renegade Love. Onto Chapter 20. Lots of twists and turns in this story. This rewrite will blow your mind! Still the same characters, some new ones, and Char's family is alive and well. I wanted her to have a happy family except for one rift. you can read the first three chapters Renegade Love Chapters Renegade Love Chapters

In the original version, her mom and dad were killed in a car accident. And she just had one brother who turned on her. I decided I didn't like that version after all these years. My writing has greatly improved as well.

We are back to our .net and able to take purchases now woot! Oh, and if you're on Facebook, we are at Digital_Reverence_LLC | Facebook. You can also check out our Zazzle store at Digital Reverence: Designs & Collections on Zazzle.

That is all for now! W

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