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With the new year under full swing, I'm currently writing Red Dawn, the second book to Black Dawn in my newest awakening series featuring Dawn Hudson. It's been a challenge writing Red Dawn as Dawn goes through some serious stuff. Austin, her 13-year-old does as well. I wasn't planning any of this stuff and I barely plan or plot. It just happens as I write it. And it even freaked me out a bit yesterday with a certain scene that Dawn goes through.

I sent out the newsletter yesterday giving everyone signed up for an exclusive sneak peek at chapter 1 of Black Dawn. I posted a snippet of it in my groups I belong to on Facebook and so far, it's been well received. YAY. Signing up to my newsletter free if you haven't already done so.

Some other good surprises in Red Dawn, there may just be a spin-off of Homicide Lieutenant, Mathew Rutkowski. I'm excited about that. He's been making noise in Dawn's story, and I love how he's becoming a staple in her life now. So, go Mathew. Afterall, he is Char's oldest brother. And I love the whole crossover thing. And Char is a real good friend of Dawn's.

I'm also editing Black Dawn after I got the read and comments back from my beta reader. And those who have read Dawn so far, really like her. I hope they still like her when they learn the darker parts of her story.

I'm so still figuring out my board game. And I'm hoping to get all the card game cards reworked this week to fit into the BGM templates so I can get them to print and start getting this game out there!

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