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Stressful end of August and September

My hubby had a 2nd heart attack on August 29th this year. It's been stressful times trying to recover because not only is his work been slow, but the car decided to have a coolant leak. My laptop died, we're behind on every bill because unemployment ran out. Thankfully all bills but rent have been pushed back to October. With the rain the past 2 days, our basement flooded. The linen closet in the main bathroom leak, plus the ceiling in second bedroom leaked.

Good news is, hubby maybe starting a better, higher paying job in the next 2 weeks. But it will take us probably 3 weeks to get everything caught up. The game release for kickstarter has been delayed again due to my laptop being down. It decided to do the boot device not found again.

It's been a hellish last 3 weeks. Barely hanging on.

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