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Renegade Fury

I finished Renegade Fury the other day and it will be released on June 30th! It's a prequel to Renegade Love. There will be one more novella before Renegade Love, the wedding novella. I didn't plan on this; it just happened that way as it usually does with writers lol. This used to be one of my pet peeves, but I understand it now why they go back to the past. Because sometimes, there's a lot of good stuff from the past. It's like this, an idea comes to me, and it happens at that moment in time. Then as you get to learn the characters, you are given more information and they dictate everything. I just write the reports on what they do lol.

So, the reason for this announcement is, I will be hosting yet another awesome live on Thursday June 30th at 7PM EST, to celebrate the release of this awesome story. I love this series. I truly believe it can be a runaway hit and go on for a long time. Renegade Fury is the beginning of how Charlotte and Steven met. I had so much fun writing that. I love writing this couple. They are just wow. The story is a short one, 10 chapters, just over 18k words. So, join me on June 30th at my facebook author page for a live and as always, I will be giving away goodies too! To win the goodies, just like, love, care or comment on the video either at my author page or my Digital Reverence L.L.C. facebook page.

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