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Happy September!

Bingo was smash. Had 2 players and 2 winners. Prizes will be shipped within 2 weeks. I have to wait for my next check to order the prizes. I'm also thinking of having a scavenger hunt this coming Sunday 9-4-2022. Prizes yet to be determined. Join my Author CA Michaels fan club on Facebook for more details.

Just started writing Chapter 9 of Book 2 in the Renegade series. It's coming along quite well. Lots of emotion. Lots of ups and downs so far. A possible career change, lots of drama. I just, wow. This book is so personal. It's just dealing with a ton of personal issues for the characters. Never written a book like that before. It's quite the challenge. I've also finally been able to upgrade Neo. YAY. I'll be posting all new wallpapers featuring the new Neo this weekend. I'm also planning on going back to Printful. So, I'll be creating the cool shirts again and they will be displayed in my store.

Not sure if I will redo the wallpapers i've used on the blog. That's a lot of work and it will take away from the order of the posts. We will see.

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