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New job, Deep Ties book 2, and more

Well, the new job is AMAZING. I'm having such a ball. Everyone I've met so far is soo cool. I got the weekend off. Need to let my body heal. I'm soooooo sore LOL. My calfs are just, omfg, they HURT SO BAD. But it's so much fun. As much fun as I had at working at Mcdonalds back in 2017.

Okay, so you all know, I'll be on the TCorner podcast Friday between 7 and 8 PM EST.

I'm gaining new fans at work. I gave my new manager a copy of Renegade Fury and she was drawn into the blurb of it. And another guy who works there, for sure wants to read it. That's so dope. I'm so excited. It makes my hubby and my son excited. This is just so amazing! Looks like I'll be ordering more books this weekend lol.

Oh, and also, I can't believe I forgot my one-year anniversary of registering my baby, my Digital Reverence lol. It was August 6, 2021. So, happy anniversary to me!

You can now read the first three chapters of Deep Ties, Deep Venture, book II!

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