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Books are out now!!!!

You can now purchase all my books I have released this year at my luludotcom spotlight. It's been an awesome year rewriting all my books I've been writing since I started this venture in 2010. It's been a long trying road. But even as I have given up a few times, I'm still drawn to writing. It's in my blood, forever. I've made my mark on this world even though I am not well known. You will see how my writing has improved greatly over the years.

There are five books total, and you can buy the paperback and Ebook version of all of them. I'm holding off on releasing Renegade Love because I want to submit that to a traditional publisher. I am still so determined to find my audience. I know it's out there. I've sold many of these stories in ebook form on Amazon over the years. I decided to rewrite them all thinking that I could improve them. And I sure have. I've taken the few reviews I've been given and have really turned my writing around.

I'm so excited for this. As my writing has improved so much after reading a lot more books. I've read the entire Fatal series by Marie Force and that lit a fire under my butt. That truly helped me to want to give this writing thing another try. I've been writing like mad since last December. And now I'm on Book two in the Deep Series featuring Samantha Peterson!

Keep an eye out for news on Renegade Love. If I go traditional or self-pub, I will let you all know here.

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