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She isn’t ready.
After coming so close to death and now exiled from her home realm of Zentara, Demon-Vampire hunter, Samantha Peterson, is up against a wall. Not only to preserve her Axe Championship to keep the universe safe but also to hopefully, maybe, someday return home. However, her current state has left her almost unable to compete. But she must persevere, if she doesn’t, and if she doesn’t win the next Axe Championship, Demon-Vamps could run all over the universe without limitations. The breakup between her and EFHL star, David Wellington has almost killed her. Can she overcome all of this to compete and once again save the universe? Or is she truly done, this time? If she is, the Demon-Vamps will have full reign over the entire universe. Meaning, they could even come out in daylight and have no limitations. And who would be there to stop them?

Deep Venture 5X8 paperback

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