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The Battle Continues and creative updates

I finally got my diagnosis about my right groin and leg. It's stage 4 Lymphoma. These past few weeks have really been trying for me as I battle this. It's curable, so YAY for that. Hoping to start my chemo treatments next week. Well, they need to check first if my heart can handle it so they will do an echogram thingie for that. Then, I will get a port put in me and they will put in the chemo through that. I have my good days and bad days. I'm trying to eat better, laying off lots of salad dressing as that is a big cause I found out lol. So, that's that on the personal level. I will keep everyone updated on that as I battle. My husband and cat have been the best ever so far! My friends and supporters on my Facebook have been awesome also! Thank you all!



Jamie's story is almost complete. My beta readers love it. They love the fast read. But we need to change the plot a bit. So, in between my good/bad days, I've been trying to get that edited and finished. I'm hoping Jamie will be out next month.

I'm not sure if there will be other Dawn books planned. I did have Rising Dawn and not sure about that one yet. I might begin on here and there. No tentative plans on that one. I already wrote like 10 different beginnings for it LOL. Still not sure. But Dawn does make a large appearance in Jamie's story Through the Flames. Them two, omg, they are awesome together!


I've been adding new designs to the shop through the Printful app on the Wix platform. That way it's all in one spot on my website. I'm digging it so far. I'm not sure the quality as I haven't had the chance to order from them yet. I still have my Zazzle shop, which I love. I also love their quality and products.


Still not sure about Realms of Life board game. But all my other games are complete, awesome, and a lot of fun! I need more testers. If you want to be a game tester, just let me know in an email. The games are, the Nutty Squirrel, Mystic Legends card game, Seth's Fate, and Starling Mysteries. You can check them all out on the games page!

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