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A painful, horrid December!

As many of followers are aware, I finally let it out that I've been battling a major leg issue. The doctors deem it edema mostly and my lymph system is messed up. I've been battling a leaky right thigh on the right side, swollen right knee, calf, shin, and ankle. This has been ongoing since March. I usually don't post anything about medical issues but this has been lengthy.

Why I waited till December to go to the hospital? Well, I didn't want to know the horrid result. I was scared. But now, now I'm so so over this. I spent November 30th until December 5th in the hospital. The discovered a blood clot/deep vein thrombosis behind my right knee on the right side. They gave me heperain in the hospital. It worked some. But I was pissed that I never got my biopsy i was promised for five days straight. So I demanded to go home. The heparin was messing me up.

They gave me Eliquis. That was messing me up and not doing much. Then, they schedulaed me a biopsy on the 13th. It was tool ate when I got the notice lol so I had to change it. I made it for the 21st lol. that was the first date they avilable. Good thing this leg issue wasn't an emergancy or immediate danger to me like they said. So they figued they could just shove me around and do it whenever.

Oh, and they NEVER did anything for my swollen lymphs in my groin or left armpit!! They did nothing for my swollen thigh either. They guessed that all that was from the deep vein thrombosis. I never got see results of any xrays. I only got the written word. I never got the film files for any xrays they did!

Well, I tried calling today to get my biopsy results and NADA. No one was avilable by phone no matter the numbers I called. So, I am done with this hospital. I feel like I got treated badly, was kept against my will and forced medicine i didn't want! So, this December has been a battle for me.

I apologize to you all and haven't been in the moode to work on the site, do a blog post, write, or do anything creative. I have my good days and bad days with this leg issue. I just. Eh. I love how it feels I'm not important to this place. I've had nightmares about my stay there. I just, I mean, I finally got a doctor assigned to me. A cancer doctor. But nobody knows if my leg issue is infected with cancer. I called them after they called me and of course now I have to wait until January second for anything. a frustrating December and frustrating 2023 to say the least!

I reworked the website front pag.e Hope you all like it.

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