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2023 Digital Reverence Year in Review

I wasn't going to make a post like this. I know what I did this year lol but it might be nice for my fans in case they have missed some stuff I did. So, here we go, as one of my fav quarterbacks says down there in Dallas. But tonight, Dak Prescott, you are my enemy cause you play my Lions hehe

This year was the year of Dawn Hudson. Starling PD's reigning Burglary, Crime, & Property Scene Unit Lieutenant! A major crossover also happened with my BFFF from across the pond, the Crimson Empire! OMFG! That was so much fun to write and work on! Dawn's series known as the Awakening series includes four books! Black Dawn, Red Dawn, Fatal Dawn, and New Dawn. The crossover includes Addicted to the Devil part 1!

It has been a trying for me and my BFF as we attempted to get this major crossover event finished. We almost got er done. But due to my leg issue since March and her own personal stuff I will not divulge, cause it's not my place, the other 2 stories in the crossover will have to wait until next year sometime when she is ready. Her stories are Addicted to the Devil part 2 and Where it All Began. That tells Beth's story. I also have a short that tells Jacob's story leading up to Black Dawn.

I also had another character come to me. Jamie McNeil, who is a firefighter in Starling. He is a friend of Dawn's. He makes his first appearance in Fatal Dawn. I tried finishing his novella, but the leg issue has made lose all my passion for anything creative lately. I'm trying to fight. But I've been fighting all year and it's getting harder! But I'll keep going! Anyway, I was hoping to have his story out before Christmas. But it will be next year sometime also.

I wrote a script for a one-hour TV drama based on Dawn and Jamie. I also want to include Charlotte Rinning because she is part of the Starling PD as well. She is a K9 officer. I may revise the script next year.

I also reworked some of my games this year. The Nutty Squirrel got to see professional production. Mystic Legends, my collectible card game went through a cool new revision. Realms of Life also went through some revisions this year. I'm sure still on which way to go with that. it's being kind of frustrating but fun hehe.

It was a lonely year for us at the Holiday season, but we pulled through as always. We manage to find a way to keep on going. Here's hoping I get my right leg back next year and we go out and kick ass with my books and games!

Well, I think that is all! Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR fans! xoxoxox! I am so thankful to have new fans and have made the sales I made this year!

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