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Happy November! Are you ready to break out your inner squirrel?

This year has flown by! WOW! The Holidays in the States are almost. My favorite Holiday is Thanksgiving. Why? Because you gather with family and have great eats! That is all. No stress, no nothing else! We will be hosting the Holidays this year. Now that we have our new bathroom! The guys redid the floor, got rid of the tub, gave us a new walk-in shower with white marble, and a white pedestal sink! I LOVE IT! I now have hot water in my bathroom sink! hehe

The latest update on the creative side?

I've added to the Nutty Squirrel! It started as 54 cards and is now 80 cards! There are more dynamics to the game that brings more fun! Like you can upgrade your squirrels! Each squirrel has their own power/toughness. There are 6 new power squirrels you get to unlock! I LOVE this new direction for the game. Hubby and I ordered the game through BGMdotcom last night and I'm hoping it will be here before Thanksgiving. If not, I made my own version. I also reworked the website page for the game. You can view all the cards now in the card gallery! The price if your order the game through me is $25.00! Everything will be printed, hand cut, hand made by me!

The Nutty Squirrel is a simple, easy, fun game to play for ages 7 and up and 2 to 6 players. Each player starts with a basic squirrel and a tree. The object of the game is to get the most nuts/acorns more than anyone. If you are the first to get the most nuts/acorns, you win. If you lose your 30 life points from battles, you are out of the game.

Black Friday is also coming to the States. I will be having some hug Black Friday deals! And Cyber Mondy deals this year! Keep an eye on my blog and newsletters for more information about this!

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