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Scavenger Hunt Winner!

Sunday 9-4-2022 was my first ever scavenger hunt at my Author C.A. Michaels fan group. Had one player, but she had a ball! She loved it. She won second place, one of my #1fans, Rose Helg! I played to just to show people how it works on the Facebook live in my group. It was a ton of fun! She won second place, so, she won an Author C.A. Michaels T-shirt that features all 8 of my books on the back and my DR logo on the front. It's an awesome T-shirt. I can't wait to order them this next weekend! I will be ordering a few and they will be in my shop.

Also, I plan to go back to Printful now that we solved the problems I was having. their tech support was OUTSTANDING!

On the writing front, I'm onto chapter 10 of Renegade Storm. This second novel of the Renegade series is just, OMFG. I can't believe the stuff that is going on. Talk about chaos. A lot of chaos, drama, action, WOW! I also received a real good from a few beta readers. One was very interested, even though not her thing and not reading the first Deep book, Deep Ties. She beta read Deep Venture for me. You can still preorder both, the ebook and paperback today! Out October 20!

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