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Pre-Order Renegade Justice now!!!!

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

I'm soooo excited to announce another Renegade book this year! This one, Renegade Justice! This one comes right after the edge of your seat thrill ride that was Renegade Fury. This story will also feature the epic wedding of Charlotte and Steven with a few twists along the way! I just made the pre-order for the Ebook just $2.99! Today along with cover and the blurb! You can also now Pre-order the paperback for $4.50 at my website! So, here is your opportunity to view the cover and read the blurb. Also, you can still help in creating their wedding! Just go to my blog following the highlighted link! The book will be out July 28th, 2022! But I have to upload the manuscript to Amazon on July 24! So, we have 21 days to plan this awesome wedding. And I have 21 days to write it. LOL I got this! Let's have some fun. To find out their links, go here!

Wedding Bells are ringing in Starling, Michigan

He’s come for sweet revenge

It’s a week before her wedding to Firefighter Steven Rinning; K9 Sergeant Charlotte Rutkowski, learns that the man who left her no choice but to kill him, has a brother. And now that he knows it was her who killed his brother, he also knows it was her who foiled the plans they both had for their militia. Now he wants justice for his brother. And he’s willing to do anything to get it. Charlotte will never let it get that far. But in this world, anything is possible. Can she stop another madman, or will he truly put an end to her, this time?

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