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ONE DAY!!!!!!

I'm soooo excited for the release of my 13th novel, Fatal Dawn, book 3 of the Awakening series! This is for the eBook only right now. Beta readers have weighed and claim this is by far their favorite! That makes me so happy! And now you can read the first chapter! For those who open and read this letter, I'll have some eBooks to give away.

I'm currently working on the paperback. I'm hoping to have it done today. But sizing 270 pages is so tedious. I tried resizing the entire book in word but that makes it like 420 pages. In Adobe Indesign, it's 324. And I like that page count. So, bear with me, the paperback will be out this week, I promise.

I started Rising Dawn, which will be book 4. it's the fallout of Fatal. I did notice I kind of left it on cliff hanger with the whole Jax issue hehe. Opps. Will Jac get the help he demands from Dawn? We shall see. I usually never leave cliff hangers but, in a series, it's kind of hard not to hehe

New Dawn has been changed to novella 2.5. It's a short story where Dawn recalls the cabin incident to her family, and her coworkers. This one came to me as Dawn was really active one day. I almost couldn't keep up with her as she rattled everything off lol.

I've also been changing some of the videos. I plan to make some updated ones this weekend as well. I truly want to make a real video showing the actual characters. But being I use Daz3d to make my characters, it's hard to animate them because the animate part of daz is separate and I don't have the extra $$$ to get the assets I need for that. I suppose I could do it like a graphic novel. That would take a lot of time, rendering, and sorting. I still might do some still images of them with bubble quotes. I think that would be fun.

Jamie McNeil's story, Through the Flames is looking like a possible 2024 release. As I am booked for the rest of the year between Rising Dawn and helping my friend edit and format Addicted to the Devil part 2.

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