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Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all who celebrate it

First of all, I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my hubby and his family. Of course, Skunky Luke was under our bed the entire time lol. I wish he wasn't so skittish.

Okay, the nitty gritty.

There's lots of news. So, here it goes!

I sold 9 copies of Renegade Fury at my two shows on October 29 and 30th. I have another show December 5th. Woohoooo.

Our Black Friday deals. Are you ready for this?

Now until November 30th take a whopping 50% off everything in the store! Not including the zazzle store, that is a separate entity. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAYDEALS. We also have a new loyalty program that will get you 15 bucks off an order!

Renegade Storm has been read by my faithful beta reader and edited and uploaded by the deadline of November 25. WOOT. it's available for preorder now!

I've also been working on Lieutenant Dawn Hudson's story after being rejected once again from Harlequin. I'm making it a short prequel and also, I'm working on a brand-new TV pilot script for a new show idea called Starling PD. It features my made-up Starling PD and will feature two main character's Lieutenant Dawn Hudson and K9 Segreant Charlotte Rinning. The show will be centered around these two powerful women and their lives. the pilot is going great so far. I have the teaser, the opening, written, I have gotten great feedback on it. People are loving Dawn and Charlotte. I think Dawn is getting more love cause she's a single mom who's a cop lol

If you're unsure about purchasing something from us, do not fret. We are legit. We are a legit LLC registered in the state of Michigan. We also have our IRS number listed on our website. Everything is handmade and hand printed by Author/Artist C.A. Michaels. The games are printed by BGM, Board Game Makers. But she can also print out any game if you buy direct from her. All books are printed by Amazon. Posters and candle designs are made and printed by her. The candles are bought from the Dollar General.

C.A. Michaels does everything herself. She writes, designs the books, covers, characters, and games. Support a micro, woman owned indepednant business today!

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