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Happy Saturday!

I can't believe it's already October 7! This year is just flying by! My birthday is this month, the 23rd. the big 52! WOW! In celebration of this milestone, I plan on being busier here at the blog and my site and my Author Facebook page. Why? Well, I don't usually celebrate my birthday much anymore, but I want to do something I've never done before. Cause well, I can, hehe.

This month will take off where last month left off with the unbelievable Mystic Legends coupon code. Don't forget to check out my first ever card game that's like Magic: the Gathering! And with that, the announcements will begin!

First up, I started writing Through the Flames. That is Firefighter Jamie McNeil's first story. Will it be a series? That I am not sure right. The book says book 1 but you never know where your characters will take you. I'm over 4k words into the story that includes a Prologue, Chapter 1 and wrote chapter 2 today. I'm hoping this novella will be out two weeks before Christmas! Here is the cover!

Secondly, I'm going all out and going to give out a nice coupon. Ready? The coupon will be 52% off your total purchase at the Digital Reverence shop when you spend $20 or more! That's right, 52% off! So, there is the one big announcement! Use coupon code BIRTHDAY52. This code is good for all products across the digital reverence site, except the zazzle store. And if you want my games through BGM, this coupon will not work. But it will work if you order the games direct through me. This coupon can also be used on all my paperback books as well. Over the weekend, I may add the eBooks to the store.

The third and final big announcement: as it draws closer to the 23rd, I may just have a contest on my Author Facebook page by doing a live video. I'm still hashing out the details on this. But a big prize will feature all 4 Awakening series books in a box set. I plan on designing a box for the set as well next week. So, keep an eye on this blog as new details will be released each week!

That is all for now. Have a happy, safe weekend! xoxoxo


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