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Happy new year everyone. We had an awesome Christmas reconnecting with hubby's family on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve. It was so much fun! They are big fans of my new works now also. It was great. December was busy, stressful and all the whirlwinds of life. I wrote and finished Black Dawn draft 5 today. What an ending. Dawn is gaining new fans and is so far a totally different story. She's a single cop mom with a retired DEA agent dad and 3 older sisters with no filter lol.

They are so much fun to write. This is truly out of my norm! And I'm loving it. The preorder for Black Dawn is now live on Amazon! I'm sooo excited for this story! There are three books planned in this series so far.

My Facebook author page has been blowing up as I received 300 likes, loves, and laughs and am gaining new fans on there. Also, Twitter is being good to me as well. Not sure about Instagram as that has been stagnant.

I plan to still work on my card game. I need to rework 100 cards of the first set. But Dawn took over and captured me away from all that. I started her story mid-October once Sam's story of Deep Venture was out. So, it's been a busy. busy end of the year, beginning of the year. hope you all had amazing holidays!

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