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Exciting times happening within the next two months!

First off, I'm steadily working on Renegade Storm. The second book in the Renegade series. I was stuck fr a week, but thanks to hubby and one of BFF's and her hubby, we got unstuck. So I've been writing. But yesterday, I decided to write a short story exclusively for my Kindle Vella. This will tell the tale of how Charlotte and Neo came to be the inseparable partners! That came to me around 2:30am lol Then we had severe storms around 6am omg. Woke me up.

Next news, In October, around my birthday, which is October 23rd, I will be exclusive to Michigan Kroger stores, signing copies of the new alternate cover of Renegade Fury that is now seriously turning heads. WOW! This is finally happening, 12 years later! I'm soooooo frigging happy!

Deep Ties book 2, Deep Venture, still available for preorder. You can find that on the home page of the website. And now, there is a preorder for Renegade Storm, book 2 in the Renegade series. The date is 11.29.2022. Everything is on the front page of the site. I also added a new featured gallery on the home page. This month's featured gallery is all art of the characters of the Renegade series. Did some new renders. I even created Char's dad, and his home health care worker.

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