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Deep Ties update

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Just finished another draft of the first now book. The serial series wasn't working out the way I planned it to be. Also got some feedback on the cover and people tell me to just have Sam up there being the story follows her. I'm onto book 2 now. There will be six books so far in this series. I made book 1 a bit longer, it's 20 chapters. Full of battles, romance, scifi/fantasy, thrilling, suspense, supernatural lol Sam's story is truly something I've never written before, having my characters leaving Earth and going to another realm in the universe was a first. rise of the Serns, they leave the Chantry and go all over. But since Sam's story starts on Earth, it the first time for this.

Deep Ties, featuring Samantha Peterson will be an Ebook only right now. There will be print books coming soon. CA Makes all the print books herself as she has no team. She has been looking for a team for some time now. But no one wants to work for free and she can't afford to pay anyone. So, she does everything herself. Including editing. IF you want to be part of the team and contribute, just drop her a line. She is very trustworthy and wonderful to work with. Her passion is firey and she works hard every day.

Book Blurb

NOSIA (National Omega Service Intelligence Agency) Agent, Sam Peterson, is on the verge of finally solving a fifteen-year-old case that’s gone cold. On the eve of a special night for her and her boyfriend, EFHL (Eighth Force Hockey League) Superstar, David Wellington, they arrive home after dinner, and find her home has been vandalized. They discover a new deadly, supernatural substance that comes with a message. ‘I know who you are. I’m coming for you’, directed solely at her. This also leads her to a discovery of a new evil breed of supernatural beings called; Demon-Vamps. Being the best Demon-Vampire hunter there is, Sam now realizes time is short, not just for her, but for the entire universe.

With not having been in the field for nine months, Sam is unsure of what to do with this message. The last time she was in the field, a good man and fellow agent died, on her watch. And since then, she’s refused to go back out. Whether she’s ready or not, this new discovery throws her back into the field. Can Sam fight through the grief and guilt to save the universe before this substance destroys it or will her guilt consume her and bring about the end of everything?

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