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CONGRATS to our WINNERS from the Renegade Justice contests!

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

During our live on Thursday, release day, July 28, 2022, my awesome Superman, hubby drew the four lucky winners for the two contests.

Dawne Leaf: Main contest, trilogy winner.

Farah D.: Main contest, trilogy winner.

Brooke Reinner: T-shirt winner

Hedie R.: T-shirt winner

CONGRATS again to our winners. If you didn't win but entered, thank you so very much for taking the time to enter. I appreciate my small loyal following I have built up in this past year. It means soooo much to me!

Do not worry, I will be hosting more contests soon. But this weekend, I think I am taking some much-needed time off. Might do some more art. I did a few new Renegade wallpapers and portraits of Steven and Charlotte with Neo. Plus, added still portraits of Steven and Charlotte in their gear. Fury and Justice all take place before Steven gets Bosco. I might also begin to create the rest of the cast. her older brother Mathew is finished, Trish is made, Chuck is made, Adam and John are also complete, and a few others are made. It's fun to me. And so therapeutic. I just hope that I can do her friends in the boos that are my real-life friends, justice hehe These are for PERSONAL use only! Enjoy!

Second boss of the k9 Unit: Charles Henry Henderson

K9 unit Lieutenant Trish Anna Sanders

Char's ex-boyfriend Michael Thomas

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