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****ANNOUNCEMENT**** Renegade Love is finished!

WOOT, Renegade Love rewrite is finished. WOW this story and my writing sure have come a long way. I LOVE this story now. What a bunch of twists, turns, and drama, WOW. Now comes the reading and finding mistakes, etc. getting feedback. Getting the feedback is the hard part. Seems no one has time to read for. I've been trying over 12 years to get beta readers lol People say, sure I'll read, then never ever do! So, that's why I always have to do everything myself. But this story is sooooo much better than the previous one.

I have it slated for a May release. If I can get readers, I'm asking for a two-week turnaround with feedback. Cause I will have to take that feedback and do some editing. So, I'm thinking a Mid-May release for this story. It's 50, 038 words. I haven't written this many since the original version of Rise of the Serns that was over 100k words but cut down to like 60k words lol

You all know the cover for Renegade Love. Nothing has changed on it. It's just so awesomely done by yours truly hehe. But here it is to refresh your memory.

I've also designed bookmarks for all the books. I'm going to try to figure out how to include those when you purchase a book. I might just have to buy a bunch from luludotcom, have them shipped to me, then put in the bookmarks and ship them out to you all who order. I know that sounds crazy, but lulu so far is the best option for me right now.

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