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A very special May!

Well, I already missed a couple book birthdays this year lol. But in my defense, I've been dealing with major knee and foot pain. Not sure why but it's getting better. I've kept it off social media, which is surprising for me lol but I've been dealing with it in my own way.

So, onto book news. May 3, 2022, was the rerelease of Renegade Love. My first ever romance suspense novel. I feel so bad for missing this important milestone! I can't believe it's been a year already since I released all my books! The end of this month is also another milestone. As I rereleased the Jennifer Long series and the Deep series. Plus, the Elysian Gods.

A shout to the lone book rereleased on April 6, 2022, Remwalkers: Remwalkers: The Fallout eBook : Michaels, Author C.A. : Books. Which received a 4-star review! Woot!

This year has slowed down, thankfully. As I released the new Awakening Series. This seems to be my major hit right now. Black Dawn was released January 31, 2023. And Red Dawn, the short Novella was just released on Apil 28! I'm currently working on the third book, Fatal Dawn. I'm still determined to write a TV Pilot just because for my Starling PD. I think the department has a lot of great piece that would make up a cool show. And there aren't any that take place in Michigan!

To celebrate my major milestone of this year, I created a wallpaper displaying all my books. I was going to offer sales of my books, that might still come toward the end of the month. Keep an eye out as I will post on the blog and send it as a newsletter like always.

Also, as a treat, I'm going to post the opening of Fatal Dawn here for you all. Those on my Facebook Author Page already got a sneak peek at it. But Dawn and Choo are up to their same old banter and this scene is from Act one 1 of the TV Pilot. I don't think it will ever get picked up or made but I just want to have a script. You never know.

Fatal Dawn Book 3

An Awakening series novel

By ©C.A. Michaels

Chapter 1

The city blew by her in a blur. Another kidnapping. These were always the worst for cops, she thought. Having a fourteen-year-old herself, these always hit close to home for her. As they sped to the scene, Lieutenant Dawn Hudson, had a lot on her mind. Her partner, Detective Sen Choo, checked over to her as this ride was unusually quiet.

“You’re awfully quiet over there,” Choo said.

“Yeah. Got a lot on my mind.”


“Well, I am getting married.”

“You guys pick a date?


“Really, why not?”

“We’ve both been busy.”

“Having second thoughts?” he wondered aloud.

There were a few seconds before she answered. “No!”

“Ah. You hesitated a bit. Dawn, you deserve this. I know Luke treats you amazingly. What’s the problem?”

“Lots of problems. But it’s my own mind. Can we change the subject?”

She continued to listen to her new song she got hooked on. This is How Legends Are Made by Sam Tinnesz. Anything to take her mind off the upcoming problem of having to pick a date to get married.

“Sure. You think the girl will still be there?” Choo asked.

“Don’t know.”

“I hate cases like these.”


“I always think of my son and the one on the way.”

“On the way? What? Get out! Congrats!”

“Yeah. I wanted to keep it a secret but well, you know me and secrets.”

“Yeah, about as bad as asking water to not be wet.”


Dawn laughed and glanced over to him. He stared back like what. She loved her time with him, and they were sometimes like an old odd married couple. But she wouldn’t trade this.

“Does Maggie know you’re like, telling everyone?” she asked.


“Rut ro! Someone’s in trouble!” She laughed.

“Yeah, as long as you don’t tell her!” he growled.

“Oh man but she’s number seven on my speed dial!” She laughed again.

“What? Number seven?” he said.

“Yeah. We talk, you know.” She laughed once more.

“Dare I ask where I am on that list?”

“Well, you know… Austin’s number one, Luke, Trudy, my dad, Alana, Bonnie, Jackie, then you.”

He loved how she just came out and told the truth of things. Choo counted on his fingers how many that was before him.

“Wait a minute! That makes like eight before me, not seven!” he huffed. “Don’t bullshit me!”

“Oh, sorry! My bad!” She chuckled. “I have a separate list for you guys. But you are number one before Rohan. So, don’t go telling him!

He smiled wide. He was before the sergeant of the team. That made him feel so much better. After all, he should be number one as he became her partner before Rohan joined him.

“You know me!” Choo said.

“That’s what I’m afraid of!” She said, laughing.

You can check out the series here and there's a new feature on this page! You can check out some of the new merchandise that you buy right now!

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