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A busy summer

It's a busy summer here for me. Sorry I haven't posted in a while. There are many new things going on for me in my creative life. First up, I finished Fatal Dawn. The third book in the Awakening series. It's in the hands of a couple beta readers. And so far, they are loving this one the most. So, YAY! Fatal Dawn is out September 7th, 2023. You can preorder now!

Secondly, I also wrote a short Novella for Dawn Hudson. She just started gabbing one day and I had to write what was on her mind lol. It turned out to be just 8k words for the story. It's her tell all to her family about what happened in Black Dawn. That was released this week. I've been slacking on my blog posts and newsletters. The reason, I just don't know if anyone reads them. So, I kind of been slacking off. You can order New Dawn now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. I probably should have put it before fatal, but it does mention the villain from Fatal Dawn, so that's why it's 3.5.

I also merged the Starling PD and Starling Fire screenplays I was working on over the summer into one script. Turned out awesome. And with that note, I decided to tell Firefighter Jamie McNeil's story in book form. Been working on his render in Daz3d and his cover. His story is coming soon. But you can see his videos, images, and cover, here. The series is Starling Fire, book 1 is called Through the Flames.

I have also decided to add a space on my website for indie authors. There are resources there and helpful info for indue authors. I also have a virtual book tour for indie authors. Indie authors and all blog owners of all types can host indie authors' books if they wish in their website. Blog owners and indie authors can sign up here. It's all free!

Thank you all for subscribing and if you really love my blog posts and newsletters, please drop me a line. it'd be nice to hear from you all. Have a great rest of your summer and thank you for all your support!

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