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For thousands of years, he waited. The pact had been made, but a betrayal left him buried in hell once again. Now, the demon, Azazel, has come for the one that had

been promised to him all those years ago. His revenge will change the world as we know it, unless one woman can stop his plans.


When her next case stirs up some unwanted memories, Investigative Reporter, Jennifer Long, joins the SPA (Supernatural Paranormal Agency) and learns of a deep, dark truth. She now must face the demons of her past before this truth destroys everything, she holds dear to her heart. As her life hangs in the balance, Jen has a choice to make. Risk her life to bury the truth or go with the demon who has been hunting her, her whole life in order to preserve the balance of the crossing planes.

The Demon's Pact eBook

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