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The board game allows you to draft your team of powerful characters in the Digital Reverence Universe! What's in the box, you get 92 total cards, 12 Character Game pieces andcharacter cards, 1 13X19 game board, 1 8.5X11 game board, 1 2-page rule book, and 2 six-sided dice.


1-6 players. Each player gets 2500 points to start with. To begin, players randomly choose a character game piece from the featured characters. Place your character on Cyntralus. You will be this character through the entire game. You also get the character on the board that matches your character. When you land on a character, you gain that character card. If someone own that card, follow the text options on the character card. The person with the most points at the end of the game, wins.


You can have this game manufactured by C.A. Michaels herself. You will get the cards, dice, and board on a 13X19 matte sheet. And a hand made box. or you can tell her you want it through BGM.

Realms of Life Board Game

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